Saturday, September 1, 2007

He Turned 2! Happy Birthday Tyson

My little boy turned 2 today. I know that they say "Time Flies," and it really does. I remember his first time walking and talking and now he runs and talks so much he never stops.
Tyson woke up to a kitchen of balloons and the "Happy Birthday" singing of Vaughn and I. He opened up gifts and then played all day and watched "Dora". Later on we had a little party at the AUC park. Tyson's friends came and had cake, played hit the pinata and had goodie bags. It was such a great time. Since he loves the movie CARS we had a CARS themed birthday party. We had CARS plates, napkins, balloons, pinata, and goodie bags with toys. It turned out better than I had expected it to.

Here in this picture, Tyson was so anxious for me to light the candles so he could blow them out, that he was blowing before I lit them. He talked about blowing out the candles all day long. (He had two previous birthday parties at home, so he had a lot of practice in the candle blowing department). He wanted Peyton, his buddy, to help with the candle blowing, so they both blew them out. It was so cute.

Peyton, Laura and Jason gave Tyson a CARS back pack. He was in heaven. Thanks you guys! In fact as soon as we got home, he had to wear it around the house. How fun is that? He also got a CARS pajama set from Vaughn and I and a remote controlled car from Grandpa and Grandma Westwood. When we had the "home" parties, Grandpa and Grandma Jackson gave him a red trike and zoo animals and clothes. Cynthia and family gave him a "Little People" dump truck and Grandma Karen gave him the construction site for the dump truck. Aunt D and Uncle Jesse gave him a stuffed football doggie. MomaD and PopaD gave him a mini 4 wheeler toy, and Uncle Kim and Aunt Janetta and Boys gave him Bob The Builder mini Toys. So he made out pretty good.

Here he is preparing to take a swing at the CARS pinata. I found it in Unique World, here on the island and had to buy it. It was so cute and the kids had a ball taking turns hitting it. Everyone got 3 turns hitting the pinata and then Carter finished it off with 2 big hits, and the candy rained down. The kids thought it was great and I was greatful that Carter broke it. (We could have been there for hours). LOL

Tyson decided to lick his plate clean.

Cute picture of Mom and Tyson. Buddies Forever!
Just The Boys! My Handsome Men!

The party was great and I think everyone had a great time. Tyson put on his CARS pj's and was tuckered out! Isn't he cute? Hope you had a great day buddy. We just love you so much. Happy Birthday TY TY!


ashreims said...

Thanks for having a great party! The kids and I had a ball. Love the cute pj's and backpack I can see him being in heaven with them! Carter's still talking about breaking the pinata! Happy Birthday again to your sweet baby!