Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pudding Artwork

Some days here on "The Rock" can be monotonous. To break up the insanity we decided to do something totally different with the little boys, pudding painting. I got the idea from my mom who teaches preschool back home. She makes chocolate pudding and then gives the kids a huge piece of art paper and lets them draw on it with the pudding, using their fingers. I figured the boys would love it. I moved all of my furniture out of my living room, which isn't much so it took 5 minutes, so we could have the tile floor all open. It also made for an easy clean up job. As you can see in the above picture Tyson was all about the pudding. He especially loved drawing on himself.
Tyson also loved the fact that he could eat this art work and mom wouldn't get mad about it. (He has tried the markers and crayons, not good nourishment). I think he ate more than he drew, but he had fun.

Peyton tried the pudding artwork, but didn't really like the feel of it on his hands, so he just flung it. This was comical.

Once finished we had a chocolaty mess, so off to the showers it was for the little boys.

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere. They had more fun with the bubbles in the pool/tub than the pudding. Wouldn't ya know it!

We finished up the day with some normal art work. Markers are always fun and the boys had fun marking up the papers and each other, luckily for Laura and I the markers are washable. I don't know how mom's did it before "washable anything."