Friday, September 28, 2007

Tango Dinner Cruise

We have been here a long time and we finally got to go on the Tango Dinner Cruise. Since this was part of Vaughn's birthday, I secretly invited a few of his classmates to join us on the cruise. This is us waiting to board the boat.Vaughn, Jason, Mary, Janelle, and Libby. These friends have been so good to us during our time here. I was so glad they could all come out to celebrate Vaughn's birthday.We left the docks at Pelican Key and headed around the island by way of Simpson Bay, Mullet Bay and on to the French side. The ride there was spectacular. Just look at this view. It really makes you feel like you live on a beautiful island.Vaughn and Jason were able to assist in the raising of the sails. Obviously by the looks on their faces, they laughed more than pulled. It took about an hour to get to our place of dining. We dropped anchor in a little cove just off of La Semanas. It was a full moon and we were lucky to be able to eat out on the front of the boat's deck. It was so romantic. Here is our nice little table setting. LOL Actually, the food was so good. They had ribs, Mahi Mahi, rice, salads, bread, and dessert, plus any kind of drink you could want. I was stuffed after the feeding frenzy.

Just the girls. I love these gals. They have been so good to us and such good friends. Thanks for going ladies.
A random shot of all our feet. Now that I look at it closer, I need to have a pedicure. Thank goodness we are going home in 70 days. Me and my best buddy Laura. This whole thing was her suggestion, so thanks for the great idea girl. You are the best! Don't we just look like sexy models?It was a wonderful evening. I plan on going on this dinner cruise one more time before leaving the island. Looking at this picture of our group, we should be on the Tango Dinner Cruise brochure. HA!


Cluff Family said...

Heck yes you look like you should be on the brochure!! It looks like a good time.... we are definitely going to have to try it soon!! You ROCK nicole!

Candace and Richie said...

This is one of the tours that Richie has been able to go on! He LOVED it and looks like you did too! Its way fun and yes, very romantic! Glad you guys had a good time!