Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Last Leg of the Journey and A New One Begins

Saturday Tyson and I took Grandma to Mullet Beach. This beach is, no kidding, right down the street from us. It really is a nice beach, and for once it was almost glass. The water was so clear and blue, with tiny waves. Tyson had a ball collecting water in his bucket and pouring it on Grandma. He and Peyton decided to jump off of the sand walls down to the water. This went on for about 10 minutes, but then Peyton jumped a little far and landed right on his chest and knocked the wind out of him. OUCH! After that we played in the water and soon Tyson said, "Ty Ty home." That was a clear enough sign for all of us that it was time to go home.

The new journey that is about to begin is the the flight back to Utah for my mom, and get this........we are going with her!!!!!! YEAH! Vaughn came home on Friday and said he needed off the island once finals are over. (We had planned on staying through this break to visit other islands, but he wanted to go home). He found us great prices on tickets and told Tyson and I to go to Utah to see Grandpa Westwood and Aunt D and Uncle Jesse, Uncle Travis and Aunt Kariann and Uncle Trey. He didn't even have to beg me, I was buying those tickets faster than I buy groceries. Vaughn will meet us in Colorado on the 20th and we will spend 10 days with Grandma and Grandpa Jackson, Uncle Brett and the rest of the Manassa Family. I am so excited. But the best part about this whole trip is that my sister has no idea we are coming. She and Jesse are coming with my dad to pick up mom at the airport tomorrow night. Won't she be surprised when Tyson and I are there to greet her as well. I CAN'T WAIT!! Stay tuned for further details.

By the way, Good luck to all you gals who are leaving the island for good this break and headed towards clinicals. I will miss you tons Lynette. Keep in touch.

This is how beautiful Mullet Beach was on Saturday. Sometimes I cannot believe I live here!


Anonymous said...

I will miss you too Nicole!!! Take care and good luck with your final months on the island. You will be in clinicals soon enough!