Sunday, September 16, 2007

McDonald's St. Maarten Style

I have found that McDonald's is a cool place. Laura and I took the boys there for lunch the other day, and I was impressed with how clean it was. It was a nicer McDonald's than some in the states. The place had clean floors and tables, and a pretty nice play place for the kids. They had so much fun running around and climbing all over the place. It was wonderful just to let them play and us eat. WOW!! They need a play place in every restaurant, then going out would be a breeze!

During the course of the time there, Peyton would climb up almost to the top and get stuck on the last level. He would then proceed to yell for Laura and she would climb up the slide to get to him. I was impressed. There is no way my ganglion legs and arms would make it up the slide. Thank goodness Tyson was content to play on the bottom part.

Tyson played inside the bottom bus looking thing. It was a great afternoon and there wasn't any crying. YIPPEE!