Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Greatest Man I Know: My Dad

Dan Wiltshire Westwood, 58, passed away after fighting a courageous battle against cancer Feb. 20, 2008.He and twin sister Dana - deceased - were born to George and Jane Westwood July 6, 1949. He graduated from Piute High School in 1967, and attended Southern Utah University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.He married the love of his life, Terecea Dalton, in the St. George LDS Temple July 14, 1972. He had two daughters, Nicole and Danielle, who were the prizes of his life.He taught school for 30 years touching the lives of hundreds and was Circleville Elementary's Principal for 19 years. He loved to teach and loved working with students.Dan had a passion for hunting. He, or his girls, always had a hunting tag and were known to frequent the mountains. Dan was a great Dutch oven cooker and made the best potatoes. Fishing was also a favorite pastime and he could be seen on the Otter Creek or Piute Reservoir looking for that big fish.
He also loved his grandson, Tyson Vaughn Jackson, more than anything, and spent time teaching him how to read and ride in his yellow dump truck.He is survived by his wife, Terecea Dalton Westwood; daughters, Nicole and Vaughn Derise Jackson Jr.; Danielle and Jesse Eric Leavitt; grandson, Tyson Vaughn Jackson; brothers and sisters, Roger (Beverly) Westwood; Dahl (DyAnn) Westwood; John (Ellen) Westwood; Marsha (Richard) Henrie; and Mary Ann (Kevin) Glazier.Funeral services were held Feb. 25, in the Circleville LDS 1st ward chapel, with Bishop Lon Dalton presiding and Michael Dalton presiding. Compassionate services were provided by the Circleville LDS 1st ward Relief Society.A family prayer was offered by Roger Westwood (brother), and the invocation was given by Vaughn Jackson (son-in-law).Prelude and postlude music was performed by Brenda Robinson.Musical selections included “Cool Water” by Kim Dalton (brother-in-law); and “Be Still, My Soul” by daughters, Nicole Jackson and Danielle Leavitt, and both accompanied by Charleen Dalton (mother-in-law).Tributes were given by Nicole and Danielle, and Shaun Westwood (nephew). Speakers included John Westwood (brother), and remarks were offered by Lon Dalton.The Benediction was given by Jesse Leavitt (son-in-law).Serving as pallbearers were grandson, Tyson Jackson; sons-in-law, Vaughn Jackson, Jesse Leavitt; brothers, Roger Westwood, Dahl Westwood, John Westwood; brothers-in-law, Clayton Dalton, Kim Dalton, Richard Henrie, Kevin Glazier; and father-in-law, Nordel Dalton.Honorary pallbearers were Cordell Pearson, Ken Sponaugle, Richard Richardson, Jack Wood, Phil Adams, Charlie Brindley, Jack Tighe and Gene Smith.Interment was in the Circleville Cemetery, and the dedicatory prayer was given by Clayton Dalton (brother-in-law).Funeral directors, Magleby Mortuary, Richfield, Salina and Manti.

My dad fought cancer for 3 years and he lived each day to the fullest. I miss him terribly, but I know he is in a better place where he is whole and well. Times are hard right now but, again, I know we will all make it through them. I think the hardest part of this is being home and not having him around to talk to or to tease. It will also be hard to call home and not be able to talk to him. He was my best friend and the person to whom I went to when I needed advice. I miss you daddy!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our New Ride

The time has come for the Jackson's to finally get a ride of their own. We have been so fortunate to have family that was willing to drag us around with them in our time of being car less. Since we sold our cars before we left to St. Maarten, we were in need of a car. We bought a 2007 Ford Edge. It is a copper color, what I have always wanted, and it will grow as our family grows. It seats 5 and has a nice sized trunk space. Here are a few pictures of the new family wagon.

We also found out today, later today, that Vaughn was approved for all his clinical sights. (It is about dang time). So he will start a Family Practice rotation in Colorado March 3rd and then head to Baltimore for the Psych rotation and then we are off to Michigan for the rest. We already procured us a nice apartment at Lake Village and are excited to FINALLY get this show on the road. We can now start to plan out a few things and I can start slowly packing things. AH!!! It is great to know where you are going...

My Little Snowmobiler

Tyson is going to be the next generation of Sled Necks. For those of you who don't run in the snowmobiling circles, they are the dare devil tricksters of snowmobiling. Tyson is on his way to a new career. He got the yellow helmet for Christmas from Grandma T and Papa Westwood. He loves to go and ride with Vaughn on the machine and asks to go faster.

Here are my two Sled Necks on the snowmobile. Aren't they cute?

In other news, we are still waiting to find out more about clinicals. I thought the whole basic sciences part of medical school was hard, but this part, of trying to get rotations set up, bites the big one. The snow is still on the ground and our ventures outside are far and few. We play a lot in the house and I have even learned to sew, well.....actually I knew how, just kind of forgot...but my mother-in-law Sue, taught me how to make baby receiving blankets. So my time has been crafting it out sewing and making cards and scrapbooking. Oh, and playing with Tyson. Actually he is a big help with the above activites. Really, he is!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008


These are pictures taken from Chama, NM when we came through there on Tuesday. The mountain pass that goes from Chama to Manassa was closed. I wonder why? As you can see the snow was feet upon feet . It literally covered people's houses, and sunk roofs into the houses and grocery store.

Here She Is!!!

I promised a picture of GraceAnn and here she is. This is the newest member of the Jackson Clan. She looks a lot like her daddy but her lip and facial expressions are her mom.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Snow Is Falling

Talk about the snow is falling!!! GEEZ!!! I have not seen this much snow in Circleville since I was knee high to a grasshopper. WOW!! Everyday we have gotten a few more new inches of snow. Here is the shot of the day. I threw Tyson into this mound of soft snow and he wanted to do it again, and again.
Just look at that snow. My Uncle Kim comes every morning with his backhoe to scrape the streets and my parents' driveway. Then I come out with the snow shovel and finish the job. I haven't shoveled snow for a very long time, so long that my arms and back are sore from the work.

Tyson and his famous snow angels. This is the first thing he does when going outside. We are on our way back to Colorado tomorrow. The roads have been terrible so maybe we won't be going. We will see. We have loved being and Grandma T's and Papa Westwood's house. We are sure going to miss them.