Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Princess

Someday, when she is older, she isn't going to like the fact that I stuck these pictures on our blog for the world to see.....but until then.........I am going to show off my little princess's, chubby rolls and all. She has these two front teeth that make her smile so gosh darn cute and funny. We all get a kick out of making her smile just to see the teeth. And she loves to show them off.

Notice the Mohawk going down the middle of her hair. Taryn has very little hair and what hair she does have is still standing straight up in the air. (Plus it is getting lighter with each passing week. She might end up being my blond girl) It doesn't matter what I do, it still stands up, so I decided to stop fighting and just bring all the "UP" hair together in a Mohawk. Hey, it is the 2009 do for babies. I love her double chin. (Taryn, this is the only time that people will say your double chin is adorable, so soak it all in.) She is getting bigger and bigger every day. She still doesn't want to crawl or even be on her stomach. She would rather sit or better yet have us hold her up, standing. I wonder if she will ever crawl. I bet she will walk instead of crawling. She is a girl who wants things her way, and I bet she will be the same way with walking. I cannot believe she is growing up so fast. What a blessing she and my Tyson are in mine and Vaughn's lives.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am 8 Months Old

Since my mom is such a slacker at her blog lately (HE HE), I will write about my own milestone. I turned 8 months today. I weight over 22 pounds and I am very tall. I wear size 12 month clothes and even those are beginning to get small. Here I am in my America shirt. Maybe someday I will be the next Miss America.....who knows??

I love to show off my teeth every chance I get. I have 3 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth and I love to chew anything, mostly mom's shoulder. I am eating all kinds of foods and I just started liking formula with my lunch and dinner. (I won't drink it any other time.) I also still have my spiky hair. My mom cannot do anything else with it!
I love my bath. I could stay in the water for hours if my mom would let me. However, even though I love the tub, I don't really like the pool. I would rather be naked instead of in a bathing suit, so the tub works for me. I love to laugh and play with my big brother Tyson, and he is the only one who can make me laugh; that is probably because he is so silly. I am a growing girl and every day I change. Thanks for reading about me!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grandma T Visiting Again!

This is another one of my back blogging. I am getting to be such a slacker. HEE HEE. mom got to come out and see us again. I was totally thrill as were the kids and Vaughn. Tyson had her days already jammed full of stuff to do, it was a lot of the stuff we didn't get to do while she was here in April. And of course CHUCK E CHEESE was on the list.

Tyson and Grandma T at the Chuck E Cheese in Rochester battling it out to see who was the best shot in the establishment. Tyson would play this game the whole time we are at Chuck E Cheese if I would let him. I tell him, "Variety son, Variety."
This virtual game is pretty cool. You actually are a part of the game. Tyson always needs a little bit of help on it and Grandma T was more than happy to help out.
Taryn is growing like a little weed and even though it had only been a month since my mom last saw her, she still couldn't believe the changes she had made. She is sitting up all by herself and babbling all day long.
We tuckered out Taryn. She played with her diaper wipes until she crashed. Her naps are far and few between and so I am grateful for them when they come.
Ah, yes the Merry-go-round at the mall. Tyson loves to ride on this but even watching it go around makes me ill. I used to have a very strong stomach and now I am a wimp. Things that go around and around make my stomach turn. So...Grandma T got roped into it. She did well for about the first 10 go rounds, and then even she was a little green around the gills.
The last time mom was here we wanted to go miniature golfing, but we ran out of time. This time around we made a day just for it. There is a driving range about 1/2 mile from our apartment with mini golf. It was a perfect day to go golfing. Tyson likes to hit the golf ball as hard as he can and then the ball usually goes into the sand traps or the water, more often it is the water. He thinks that is quite funny because then he can fish it out with the little bet they provide.
Grandma T beat us all at mini golf.
Cute picture of the two golfers.
We took some time to play at the playground by the house. Even though the weather had been nice during the day, the evening got a little chilly.
Tyson making his way up the playground.
I got Taryn on the riding horsey. She wasn't too sure at first and then she started to smile.
Tyson loves to roll down the hills. He is such a boy.
Tyson and Grandma T played every game we had, especially checkers. I will not play checkers with Tyson, I get too frustrated, but my mom, bless her heart, is a very patient woman. (Patience was virtue that I wasn't blessed with and am now quickly learning.)

We took Grandma T to Friendship park to play for the day. It was a nice day, we took our lunch and had a great time. We also went to see "UP" at the movie theater and Vaughn got to come with us. What a great time we had. Thanks mom for coming to spend time with us. We miss you very much and can't wait to see you in August.

Trouble Comes In Twos!

There they are Dennis the Menace and his little accomplice. Now you may think that their sweet innocent looks are just that--sweet and innocent, but let me tell you another part of the story. These two lovely children can turn my world upside down and inside out in a matter of seconds.....and the best part is............I love every second of it.

Me and the little sweethearts themselves. Aren't they cute? Tyson and Taryn are two peas in a pod. Taryn loves her big brother and he loves his little sister. The first thing that Tyson does in the mornings is come in to see Taryn and say, "Good Morning Sweetheart." It is the cutest thing. Then as she is eating her breakfast, Tyson takes great pleasure in entertaining her, and she will blow her cereal all over me and the walls with peals of laughter.Tyson is a little more impressed to take this picture than Taryn. She is still very attached to her momma. She screams if I even leave the room. And when I go out for a few minutes to work out or go out with the ladies, she is good for Vaughn for about 30 minutes then she realizes that I am really gone and not in the other room; the wheels fall off. Hopefully she will grow out of this stage soon. Tyson was never like that, but he was cared for by my mother-in-law after he was born while I went back to work. So he was used to being around others, Taryn......not-so-much.They do play well together. Tyson always wants to know if Taryn can play with some toy. He wants her to play with him. I am so glad that he loves her so much. This little pistol is growing like a weed. She now has six teeth and is seven months old. She is trying new foods every day and likes most of them. She is sitting up all by herself and if she wasn't so rolly polly she would crawl, but her little chubby legs and belly prevent her from doing so.Who knew that a box would entertain a 3 year old for hours. So much for buying toys, Tyson just likes the boxes they come in, or in this case, Taryn's diaper boxes.
Taryn does not like wearing socks. She will pull them off or wiggle them off so that her feet are free. she loves to sit and play and hit her hands on her legs. She is also showing a shy/flirty side to her dad. She will smile at him and then turn her head down as if she is shy. It is too cute! This is the fun stage of babies and I am so glad it is here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Back Blogging: Memorial Day

Yes, I am back blogging. We have just been having so much fun with friends and family coming to visit that the whole blog thing got placed on the back burner and now I am playing catch up. So here is the spill on Memorial Day. Our day first started out with a trek to go fishing. Papa Jackson gave Tyson a fishing pole way back in December, it was now time to try it out. Vaughn found us a little fishing hole in Troy, MI. It was a nice spot shaded and quiet. Tyson and Vaughn baited the hook with power bait and set out to catch a fish. One hour later, still no fish. Everyone else around us was catching fish, huh? We couldn't figure what we were doing wrong, until Vaughn talked to someone who told him that the fish there liked live bait, worms. OH! SO next time we go we will take LIVE bait. Who knew?
Then it was a quick jont home to change into our swimming suits and head to the Lake Village Pool Party. We let Tyson swim for about an hour and then it was a whisk back to the house to change again.
Our friends, the Johnsons, invited us and a few other families over to their house for some BBQ festivities. Vaughn and Ben enjoying the Johnson's new outdoor patio furniture. It was nice to hang out with the gang and let the kiddos run and play and the adults eat, and eat and eat. I love holidays.
George, in the hat, and Jason B. It was George's house that we had the festivities.
The gals. Linda, Bethany and Jen. This is the crowd we hang out with for events big and small alike. They are crazy and fun. It has been like having family away from home. Love them!

The only part of today that I wish I could have experienced was visiting my dad's headstone. I have only seen it in pictures. I cannot wait until Aug. when we go home for a visit and I can spend some time there. Overall, a great Memorial Day!