Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Things We Laugh About.

You may not find this post funny or even a bit comical, but in our little world this is hilarious. Tyson loves the show Phineas and Ferb. It comes on in the afternoons on the Disney channel. At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea of him watching this cartoon because I thought it was too old for him. One day he talked me into watching it with him to see if it was ok, it was more than ok, it was hilarious. If you haven't experienced it, you are missing out. It is about these two genius kids who build all these awesome inventions just for something to do for the day, and there sister is constantly trying to "bust" them by telling on them.

Anyways, I am getting off track. So the reason why this is so funny is that Vaughn and I know all the episodes and all the characters, their catch phrases and the theme song. Yes we know the theme song. The other night Vaughn does an impression of a girl on the show named Isabella and says to me, "Hey Phineas, what cha doing?" I about fell to the floor with laughter because he said it the exact way she does. (Writing this out just doesn't do it justice.) Then we both proceeded to sing the theme song with perfect clarity and before we finished we were laughing. Has it really come to this? Is this really what makes us laugh now? YES, YES IT IS!!! I know all the episodes and what is even more funny is that Vaughn does too. OH BOY!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taryn Eating Pears

At 5 months old Taryn loves pureed pears. She will suck them down. In fact I cannot load the spoon fast enough and she is grabbing for my hand to place it in her mouth. Funny stuff. She has been a bit cranky lately and we can't figure out. We thought it was just because of her teeth coming in, but now that they are in the fussiness continues. I have come to the conclusion that it is just because she is a girl. She refuses to take a nap during the day, so at night she is cranky. She hates her car seat and screams bloody murder when placed into it. She wants to be held and entertained all the time. She is not content to just sit and play, she want us to entertain her by looking and talking to her. What a child! We love her so very much, but she is SO different from Tyson. I hope this means that her teenage years will be mellow...One can hope!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malls, Toes, Temple, T-shirts and the Pistons with Aunt D

What a bunch of crazy kids. I leave them alone for 5 minutes to run into a shoe store and they go all crazy with the camera. With Aunt D there is never a dull moment. We spent several days in a bunch of different malls. We took Aunt D to the Somerset Mall down on 14 mile/ Big Beaver Road. It is a very high end mall, so high end that we didn't dare go into a few stores in case one of us broke something; we could not have paid for it in 10 years. In other words, this mall is very very EXPENSIVE, but so fun to window shop.At the Somerset Mall there is this way cool fountain. (As seen in the background) The water is "spit" up through these little spheres in the middle of the glass squares at different intervals. It reminds me of a mini Bellagio fountain. It made for a cool photo opt.Danielle took this picture of Taryn. Look how cute she looks in the hat from Grandma T. Even with the drool, she is our little doll. On a side note, the reason for the drool is because on this day we cut our first tooth. She fussed and cried hard for about one hour and we could not figure out what the heck was the problem till I looked into her mouth and saw the little white blister on her bottom gum. It took some Motrin and a car ride to settle her down, and by the next morning Taryn was the proud owner of her first tooth. Danielle is the best sister ever. She was sweet enough to bring her "gell toes" kit and gave me a pedicure and some gell toenails. I love the color. Goes with the month. Thanks D.
Aunt D is a very creative aunt. She is the soul reason I dress half way decent. If it wasn't for her I don't know what I would look like. Anyway, she came up with this idea for us to decorate shirts using this thick puff paint. Tyson was all over this craft idea. Aunt D's shirt. Nice art work sis! Tyson's shirt. Notice the use of color and pattern. I think I have a mini Picasso on my hands. HA HA HA!Us and our creations. Mine is here on the left.Tyson couldn't wait to wear his shirt he made. He was so proud of his creation. Nice job buddy!We took an afternoon and drove down to the temple in Bloomfield Hills. The Detroit Temple is small but still so beautiful. A family picture at the temple. Although you cannot see Taryn underneath the bundle of blankets, she is there. Thanks Aunt D for taking the picture.
Friday night, D's last night here, we took her to a Pistons' Game. Tyson was elated to take his Aunt D to see his favorite team play ball. The funny story to this picture is that we both were wearing black long sleeved shirts and red over shirts. Not planned I assure you. We both walked out of our separate bedrooms and started to laugh. Our mom and MomaD do this type of copying all the time, why not us?Tyson, with the help of his dad, got a free Domino's Pizza from the cheerleaders. Vaughn hoisted him up into the air and it was enough to get the attention of the cheerleaders. What a kid! Saturday, Danielle's last day, was spent playing board games and just hanging out at the house.
We all decided to wear our shirts to send Aunt D off. It was a bitter sweet ending to her stay. Tyson didn't want to leave the house to take Aunt D to the airport, but after a few tears we persuaded him to come along. I think we all shed a few tears that day. Thanks D for coming out and spending your vacation with us and thanks to Jesse for letting you come out without him. We hope you come next time Uncle Jesse. We love and miss you Aunt D. Hugs and kisses from all of us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aunt D's Time Here Day 2 and 3.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Tyson woke up to Larry the Leprechaun's foot prints all over the house. He followed them and found..... A whole lot of goodies. (Aunt D was Larry the Leprechaun. And she had a bunch of little prizes for Tyson. Now I get to keep up the tradition of Larry the Leprechaun. Thanks Aunt D!) J/KWe spent St. Patrick's Day making cookies, going to the park and eating ice cream. It all started with me trying to make "green" eggs for breakfast, but my food coloring wouldn't react with the eggs. So the eggs looked like they had green chicken pox. HA HA Tyson thought that was funny. We took Aunt D to his library day and showed her all he does there. Then it was lunch and pack up for Friendship Park. This park is so cool. It is all wooden and looks like a big fort. Tyson ran Aunt D ragged all over the park. I sat with Taryn for a bit while she slept. But then she woke up and wanted to be in the action as well. Do you like the little hat? HA HA Makes her look like she has two pink ears.Tyson wanted Aunt D to try out all the amenities the park had, and she was happy to oblige.Taryn tuckered out!Once Taryn woke up and was ready to go, I decided to try taking her down the slide. I was hoping for a reaction........Not-so-much! She didn't even smirk! I had fun. It has been a while since I slid down a slide.See, no reaction! She didn't like the sun in her eyes.I don't know who had more fun, Aunt D or Tyson. It was two big kids having a ball.Vaughn came along for the ride and at the end got to rough house a little with Tyson. Just before we left the park, Danielle took this picture of Taryn. She looked "hacked." She had been taken all over the place and was ready to go home, eat and go to bed. We had to make a quick detour to Cook's farm for some homemade ice cream, and then it was homeward bound. Once we got the kiddos to bed, Danielle, Vaughn and I stayed up and watched this funny ventriloquist on YouTube, Jeff Dunham. I haven't laughed that hard since the first time I watched "Bill Cosby Himself." It was so hilarious. I highly recommend the act to be checked out by all. It will make you pee your pants.Wednesday afternoon was a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Tyson has been asking to go ever since Aunt D got here and I have been trying to hold off for a not so nice day outside to go. Today was cloudy and Tyson was thrilled because that meant we were going to Chuck E Cheese. He couldn't wait to play all the games, and by the looks of it, neither could Aunt D. Jenny gave me a handful of coupons for Chuck E Cheese and so we had about 100 tokens between the 3 of us. Plenty! It also gave us a large pizza and cinnamon sticks which were yummy. I ate way too many of them.

It was all we could do to make Tyson sit and eat two pieces of pizza. He was dancing like he had ants in his pants wanting to play the games and get "tickets" to buy prizes at the end. Well.....we played and played for about 2 hours and then, my good friend Lynette, who is one of two managers there, came in for work. I haven't seen her since before Taryn was born. It was so good to chat and catch up. She was way too generous to Tyson, once again. She game him about 50 extra tokens and then her friend, who works there fixing the games, gave Tyson 100 extra tickets. We played for another hour or so and had a ton of tickets. Thanks Lynette!Aunt D was addicted to the "Bee" game. She was all about winning the tickets. We played each and every game at least once and some of them several times. We were pooped out by the time the tokens run out. And when I say we I mean Aunt D, Taryn and I, but not Tyson; he could have stayed for another several hours.

He had the most fun beating Aunt D in air hockey. After we "munched" all the tickets, we went up to turn them in and buy some prizes. Lynette, then again, set us up and gave Tyson an extra 200 points on his tickets. He made off with a haul. Lynette you are my son's hero. Thanks for making his time and ours so much fun. It has been a great day. The days are going by way to fast. I would love to have D stay longer......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally A Blog/Aunt D Came To Visit.

First, I had to post this picture of Taryn in her new dress from Grandma Jackson. She looks like a little lady bug. CUTE! (However, if you look at her face she is clearly not excited about the picture taking)Second, I had to post this picture of us actually outside, without heavy coats, scarves, gloves, etc.. enjoying a little time together, while Tyson rode his bike he got for Christmas. This was the first day Taryn was outside longer than just going from the house to the car and back again. She sneezed four times when she had the sun hit her in the face, and she wasn't too keen on the wind, but after about 5 minutes she didn't mind it, and was actually smiling. Yes, the weather is finally warming up.And last, here is the smiley girl herself. She is getting over the whole reflux situation, and life at the Jackson household has returned to semi-normal. She still eats about every 2 hours, like clockwork, but she is a happier baby. She is just SPOILED! She wants to be held 24/7 and since we just got her over the 5 hour scream fests, we hold her. I know, I know, not good and I am setting myself up for something later on, but her scream is ear piercing and frankly, I don't want to listen to it, so......I pick her up and do everything with her attached to my hip. Now for the real blog. AUNT D CAME TO VISIT US! My sister, Danielle, took her Spring Break vacation and instead of jotting off to some sunny spot with a pina coloda (virgin) she decided to come and see us in freezing cold Michigan. Thanks for taking one for the team D! Actually the weather has been beautiful today, so far.....keep the fingers crossed it stays that way. This was her first time to see Taryn. Taryn loves Aunt D, and Tyson has always been her little buddy. This is such a adorable picture of Aunt D and kiddos.

Since Aunt D came in on Sunday at 5 a.m. we didn't do to much except church at 1:00 and then a little dinner get-together at the Buccellato's home and then home and bed. Of course this morning, Aunt D was a little jet lagged and so we let her sleep in while Tyson and I got him enrolled in a Preschool. YEAH! He starts next September. Ok now I will get back on track. So after Aunt D got up and going, we went looking for St. Patrick's Day stuff and new shoes for Tyson. We ended up over at the mall across the street from us and Tyson was so excited to show Aunt D the "food" he plays on at the food court. Danielle went to take his picture and he had some hilarious poses for us. (Hence the one above and below)We took Tyson to get a hair cut and the whole time Taryn smiled at the posters on the wall. (They were big pictures of people smiling and she thought they were smiling at her). Needless to say we laughed all through the hair cut.It's the little green leprechaun in the bath tub. Aunt D brought foaming bath soap and Tyson was all about dolling himself up with it.We took the rest of the day and played at Friendship park in Lake Orion. Me and the kids, hanging out on the bench, enjoying the sun. Aunt D being the good aunt and playing with Tyson on everything. I can't swing anymore without getting nauseous. She had as much fun as Tyson on the playground.

We ended the day with setting up for St. Patty's Day, getting kids to bed and answering Vaughn's Med Psych questions. I am taking full use of Danielle and her helping hands with the kids. They love her and so do I, for the help and for coming out to visit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Monday night we had the opportunity to go to the SUU vs OU girl's basketball game. My cousin Anne Westwood Higbey (Anne I think that is your married name) plays for SUU. I haven't ever seen her play so this was a treat to get to watch her in action. We live about 10 minutes from Oakland Univ. Tyson totally enjoyed himself. He won a free pizza for cheering so loud and Taryn was happy and content to just sit there and watch all the action. We sat on the bottom row next to the floor and I guess there was so much going on that she was completely entertained. YES!!! It was so good to see Anne and to get a few minutes after the game to chat with her. I totally enjoyed the night and so did the rest of the family.
Then on Tuesday night Tyson, Vaughn and Will went to the Piston's game and Tyson got a banner for, again, screaming loud for the Pistons. Taryn wasn't having the best of days Tuesday so I decided not to go to the game and risk her having a come-a-part! It was a good idea on my part because she lost it just being here at the house. At least the boys had a great time.