Friday, September 21, 2007

A Week On St. Maarten

Birthday parties, beaches, babies and the zoo, it was quite an eventful week here on the island. I am starting off by stating that I will be an aunt again in Feb and again in March 2008. Both of my sister-in-laws are having babies and I couldn't be happier. Kariann just found out today that she is having a girl, Jennifer doesn't know YET! So my days of spoiling my nieces and maybe a nephew are beginning. I have one niece already, Jaelyn, and she is a doll whom Tyson loves to pieces. I am just excited to have new members coming into the family.

Monday started off with a birthday party for Nathaniel Oh at their very nice pool in the Rainbow Beach Club. Fun was had by all present, and Vaughn even got a chance to enjoy some of the festivities. Tyson especially loved the Party Hats. He now associates parties with HATS.
During the middle of the week we had a huge thunderstorm with lightening and the works. The thunder was so loud that Tyson shook in fear, no joke. I finally had to explain thunder to a two year old the only way I knew how. I told him the angels in heaven had fallen down and that was the big BOOM he could hear. HA HA So when it would thunder he would say, "Mama, angel fell down, BOOM." (Yes that is it son.) LOL! Plus, when it rains we get a pool of water outside by our door and it comes under the door. Tyson went outside and played in the pool of water and was soaked by the end.
Thursday, Laura and I headed over to see Jill's new apartment in Pelican Key and the kids had a play day with Hillary's kids. It was loads of fun and Jill's new apartment is nice. I would live there. It beats our crackerjack box!

Friday was full of fun. A bunch of the ladies and I took the kiddos to the St. Maarten Zoo. Now you would think that this zoo might just show "cats, dogs and the occasional cockroach," but contrary to that belief they actually have some animals. Raccoons, an Ostrich, an Alligator, Snakes, Monkeys and Birds were just a few of the animals we saw. Tyson loves animals and getting to see some of them up close, was a treat for him. He and a little boy named Noah decided to scream at one of the bigger birds and were scared to death when it squawked right back at them. It was a comical sight laughed by everyone there.

These are just some of the animals present at the zoo.

After the zoo, Tyson and I headed to Orient Beach to be with Vaughn and his class. A few of them have birthdays just days apart from each other and decided to have a big beach day for all the birthdays. Vaughn has such a great group in his class. Everyone is friends and is so kind to us. They always invite Tyson and I to come to everything they do, (which is so nice of them).

Tyson liked the totem poll on the beach and wanted a picture by it.

Saturday Tyson and I took to the beach again but this time we went to Friar's Bay. Usually this beach has very few waves if any, but today the waves were present. Tyson didn't like the water; it kept knocking him over. After 20 minutes of fighting the waves, he opted to stay on the beach and play. The trip was short lived as he was ready to go 2 hours later. No worries. I was good to go as well. We have had such a fun time this week. I hope all the weeks from here on out are just as fun filled as this one.


Candace and Richie said...

Wow, looks like you guys have been busy! Tyson is just so cute! I miss ya'll!

Cluff Family said...

Looks like you had a blast at the zoo! I'm sad we missed it... Holdyn hasn't been feeling the best this week. Anyway, thanks for coming to visit "the Dungeon" HA HA! It works.... plus we have more than just the everyday bed bugs... we got the bed critters :) LOL anyway, see ya soon!