Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tyson's Graduation

Today, Tyson graduated Preschool. (sniff, sniff) I could just cry. My little man is growing up way too fast for me. He finished out his preschool career here in Circleville with Grandma T's class. We enrolled him for the last 2 weeks here and since he had been going to preschool all year long in Michigan, they let him graduate. It was awesome. They all walked in when their names were called and then said the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang the Star Spangled Banner. The kids sat while the teacher, my mom, said little fun things about each one and then they stood up, on cue, and sang an array of songs they had learned. The funny thing is that Tyson learned all of these songs in 1 week, and didn't do half bad. I was pretty impressed with the little guy.They each had drawn a picture of what they wanted to be when they grow up. Well....we expected Tyson to say, "I want to be a doctor when I grow up," but it didn't turn out that way. Instead, the little guy said, "I wanna be a cop when I grow up." (A cop???) Where the heck did that come from? He has always said he wants to be a doctor like daddy. Oh well, it gave us a good chuckle.Then it was time to receive their diplomas from Preschool and Grandma T turned their tassels. They got to keep their 2010 tassels. So fun. Tyson wanted to show everyone he had graduated.

Brooks Dalton and Tyson. These two are cousins. Tyson loved the fact that he could go to school every day and see Brooks and play with him.
Grandma T and Tyson. It was so fun for him to get to learn from Grandma T, even if it was for a little while.
Here is the graduating class of 2010. Their picture is going in the Richfield Reaper, tomorrow. So cool!!
Taryn really was proud of her big brother, she just didn't want to take anymore pictures. She was ready to go and get some refreshments, cookies! Way to go Tyson, we are so very proud of you little buddy. I cannot believe you are growing up!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Um What?

Some funny things Tyson says:

"Mom have you seen my locker hands?"
"Your what?"
"My locker hands."
"What are "locker hands"?"
"You know, (he rolls his eyes at this point) those things police men use to lock up the bad guys."
"OH! You mean hand cuffs?"
"Yeah, that is what I said, locker hands."
(Then he looks at me like I am the village idiot)

Utah Fun

So.......... we are now taking some time to visit family and friends in Utah, and we have a lot of them to visit. The kids have been having a great time running around outside and playing with the yellow dump truck. We get the chance to stay with my mom, Grandma T, for 3 weeks. It is nice to be home for longer than 2 days. Two special babies. Taryn always wakes up before Tyson and she is a pill about waking him up.
She will walk into his room yelling, "Tysee, Tysee, Tysee." All the while her mom, that would be me, is chasing her bobbing little head saying, "SHHHHHHHH!" She then manages to get up on the bed, what a monkey, and then lay down by Tyson and hug him. AHHH!! At least she loves him so much that she wants to be with him.Aunt D and her handsome nephew. We took a day and headed down to St. George to see Danielle and Uncle Jesse. She took us to a new place to eat called Iggy's. Delicious. I just wish I could sit down the whole time and eat my meal.Instead of eating my meal, I get to chase "Missy Moo" around the place, as she was uninterested in eating her grilled cheese. That is normal! (What a cheezer)

After some shopping and eating, we headed back to Aunt D's home in Hurricane, Utah! MomaD entertained us with her dazzling piano playing. That woman can play! She just starts to play all of these fun, up beat tunes, with no music involved. I can only dream of playing like that. She is one amazing woman.Grandma T and Taryn danced to the music MomaD was playing. They were having a great old time.Taryn wasn't too sure about Uncle Jesse, at first. It only took a little while for her to decide that he was ok to be around.
Aunt D loves her niece and nephew, and they love her. Look at the three of them. So cute. It was a great time seeing my sister and brother-in-law. I miss her terribly and I am so grateful for the precious times I have to see her. Thanks D for the special day with you!
Little miss pose! Taryn loves to pose for pictures, (she is a lot like her Aunt D when she was a little girl). Turn on the camera and tell her to say "cheese" and she does with flair! She is also singing a lot more and loves the primary song, Follow The Prophet. Even though she cannot sing the words, the little beauty can sing the tune. It just boggles my mind. Every time I put her down for a nap or for bedtime she says, "Sinnng Sinng." Which means she wants me to sing and when you ask her what song she wants, she proceeds to hum the tune of Follow The Prophet. She amazes me!

This little yellow dump truck power wheels vehicle, has provided many hours of fun for these kids. It is the first thing they want to do when Tyson gets home from Preschool. Taryn will hop in the passenger side and hit the driver's seat with her hand and say some lingo and basically tell Tyson to get in so they can go for a ride, since he is the only one of the two that can drive it. HA HA HA. Cracks me up. And they will drive all around the block and want to go more. By then I am about out of breath because the thing has a low and a high switch, well I bet you can guess which one my son uses. YEAH, HIGH! So I run, and I mean run along side of them. WHEW...they can wear me out sometimes.