Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! (2 Days of Fun)

Before I talk about our two days of Halloween, I have to take just a moment and post this picture of the fall trees outside of our house. I took this picture on Thursday and that night the wind whipped all the leaves off of the trees, making them look like brown skeletons. They used to be so beautiful....alas....this picture is all that is left of them. SNIFF SNIFF
Ok, on to the real blog. Here is my little Spiderman. On Friday, Tyson's school class had a Halloween Party, his first one ever. I was able to accompany him as Vaughn had the day off and could stay home and watch Taryn. Tyson couldn't wear his Spiderman mask so we had to get up extra early to paint his face. I am no make up artist, but I think we did pretty good. The only problem was that about an hour into his party the paint started to itch and before long we had red paint everywhere. Oh well. It looked good for a few pictures.Tyson and all his little spooky classmates. They played a game of musical chairs and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. The kids all went the wrong way, most of the time, and then when the music stopped, they have been taught to be so polite that they didn't want to take another person's chair away. HA HA HA It was priceless.

His class from L to R top row: Avery, Madison, Natalie, Owen, Bella, Emma, Ava K and Toria.
Bottom row: Shane, Tyson, Ava A, Donovin, Makalia.
After some games in the classroom the kids went around the school in a little parade showing off their costumes and trick or treating.Then it was back to the room for some fun in the dark with glow sticks and dancing to "The Monster Mash." As you can see Tyson was having a ball.
Tyson and Mrs. Ray, his teacher.
When Tyson came home he ran straight to Taryn to see what she would think about his painted face. She wasn't impressed. In fact she didn't want him to even touch her.Later on that day, Friday, we got a call from Nino's store that Tyson had won the Halloween coloring contest he entered there and could come and claim a free pumpkin of his choice. He was so tickled. Good job buddy!
Saturday morning, Halloween day, the kids and I braved the elements and went trick or treating up and down Auburn Hills Main Street to all the merchant shops. It was so very, very cold and windy and then the rain started to fall. We were bundled up, but the cold out here can be bone chilling and so after we went up and down both streets we ran to the car and headed for home and some hot chocolate. (Tyson even got me to dress up as a witch but I couldn't get us all in a picture)
Halloween night, we went over to the Johnson's neighborhood for trick or treating. It was still so very cold and windy. Taryn didn't want to be outside, but I made her for the sake of the holiday. And she got some candy besides.
Tyson and Bodie ran from house to house, collecting as much candy as they could. Tyson's bag was overflowing with his treats. We now can open our own candy store.
Taryn wasn't too sure about all the strangers but she did carry her trick or treat pail and would smile every now and again when someone said she looked cute. It was cold, but we had a great time. After trick or treating we headed home to warm up and then watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" a classic Halloween tale by my standards. Then it was off to bed. Way too much sugar and fun wiped us out!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taryn's First Birthday!

One year today, I gave birth to Taryn Jackson. I am just amazed at how fast the time has flown by in the last year. She is such a joy to have in our family, that our lives would be lost without her. (Look at all that dark cute)

Here is the little Blondie herself opening her "ball machine." She was all about ripping the paper off the presents.
It took a while to get her to unwrap her gifts, because she just wanted to unwrap one and then play with it. We had to do a lot of coaxing to get her to open more.
This is the ball machine we gave her for her birthday. She loves it because it moves fast and is crazy, just like her. Thank goodness it is a hit and she likes it better than the box it came in. HEE HEE.
Here is our little princess. I loved the feathery hat, had to get it!
I worked, pretty much, the whole afternoon to get her cake finished. How does it look?Once we sang "Happy Birthday" to Taryn, we cut her a piece of cake and she dove for it.
This was about 2 seconds after I gave her the piece of cake. She couldn't shove it into her mouth fast enough.
This balloon was at the Party City store and I couldn't resist. I had to have it.
Taryn, in all her glory. She had more fun with the cake than anything else.
Tyson decided that since his little sister could eat her cake with her hands, he would too. They both were covered in cake and frosting.
Trying to decide which finger to lick first.
Frosting face.She was too proud of herself. What a little imp!
Here is a video of her eating her cake. It is a good laugh. Thank you to Grandma T, MomaD, PopaD, Aunt D, Uncle Jesse, Grandma and Grandpa Jackson and the boys for all her presents. She was a little princess today!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trick Or Treat Trail In Auburn Hills

Tonight we took the kids over to the Auburn Hills Community Center for their Halloween Trick or Treat Trail. We really didn't know what it was all about; only that the kids had to be dressed up and bring their trick or treat bags. I had seen a flyer for this thing at Tyson's library day, so I figured....what the heck, might as well try it out and give the kids a chance to wear their Halloween costumes more than one time. If you cannot tell, Taryn is a little sheep. Tyson called her a "pig". Oh boy!

This was the entrance to the Trick or Treat Trail.
Tyson's kin.....the other spiderman. Notice I am the only one looking at the camera. Tyson was too scared of the man in black without a face next to us, and Taryn was too interested in the blow up ghosts behind us.Vaughn took this picture. He thought it was funny. Only my husband.............
Spidey throwing his webs...Tyson Trick or Treating on the Trail.....about every 50 feet there was a new little set up with a Halloween theme and people handing out candy to all the kids. It really was pretty fun.Tyson thought these two skeletons were cool and wanted a picture by them.

At the end of a trail Tyson wanted one last picture posing. So we did. Taryn wasn't about to smile. She wondered what the heck was going on the whole time, and she wouldn't relent her little pink candy bag until it was time to get into the bathtub. (I guess it is time to buy the kid a purse.) We had a good family night and it isn't even Halloween yet! YES!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Things That Make Me Laugh....

This was Tyson's and my conversation after preschool today.
Tyson: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes son."
Tyson: "Do you know the special agent pledge?"
Me: "The what?"
Tyson: "The special agent pledge."
Me: "No. Tell me what it is."
Tyson: (sighing) "You know. It goes, I pledge allegiance to the flag...."
Me: "Oh, you mean The Pledge of Allegiance."
Tyson: "Yeah, that thing. Do you know it?"

We recited the pledge and then he said, "Mom I know it's called The Pledge of Allegiance, but I still want to call it the special agent pledge."
HA HA HA HA. This totally made my day. My little secret agent son!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Deer Story/ A Night Out With The Girls

Vaughn, the mighty hunter killed a deer. It has been a while since Vaughn has had the opportunity to actually go deer hunting. In fact, a year before we started medical school he bought himself a new Matthews Bow just for bow hunting the next season, but as luck had it, we were on the island of St. Marteen and there wasn't any deer to be found on the island. His bow has been patiently waiting to be used. So two days ago, he and Will Thompson found a good spot to set up Will's "blind tent" and waited for the deer to arrive, and arrive they did. Vaughn's bow got a chance to score this sweet white tail deer. I know it looks like Bambi by Utah standards, but by Michigan standards this is a monster deer.

Here is the meat, all cut up ready to be wrapped and then eaten. YUMMY! I haven't ever had white tail deer and I hear that it is good. I will write about that later.I know this looks like something you would see in the SAW movies, but this is actually what has been in my house for 2 days. Vaughn and Will brought back the deer and placed it in our garage on a pallet. Then yesterday and today we have been cutting it up. Will and Vaughn quartered it and hung up the quarters from the garage ceiling. You can imagine the looks they were getting as people were driving by the apartments seeing them out in the garage cutting up a deer. I am sure that we are now the talk of the apartment complex. HA HA HA. Yes we are country kids! Vaughn and I finished cutting up the meat today, which took a better part of the day to do. I haven't helped cut up deer meat since I was a younger girl with my dad. Those were good times. Dad would cut the meat and I would help to wrap it in the butcher paper and then we would shoot the bull the whole time. I miss those times, but being able to experience it with Vaughn was just as cool. On another note, a few of the ladies from church got together at the "Sagebrush Catina" for a girls' night out. What a great time we had. This place had excellent food, and a lot for your buck too. I always enjoy hanging out with the gals, chatting and laughing and laugh we did!
From left to right, Bethany, me, Melanie, Jen, Cindy, Stephanie. Thanks gals for the fun night!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taryn Learning To Walk

This little walking toy used to be Tyson's. We decided it was time to get it out for Taryn and see what she did with it. She dances to the music and then walks mock 90 down the hall. Enjoy the laugh.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Porter's Cider Mill

Tyson's school had a field trip last Friday to Porter's Cider Mill up in a little town 20 miles north of Auburn Hills. I forget the name of the town. We had to transport our own kids there, which was fine by me. I didn't want to get on a bus with 50 kids and their parents. I didn't mind the ride. We got there and the preschool and kindergarten kids were ushered into the mill and showed how they make real apple cider. This was so cool and Tyson was all about being right in front to see it all.
This is one of the workers putting in all the chopped apples into the press. It smell so good in there.
After they pressed out the juice from the apples it went into this huge tank and then out into spouts where we could have a taste of the cider. Tyson loved it and went back for seconds.
At the mill they had a little play area for the kids and even though it was raining outside, they were all about playing on the train.
After seeing how the cider was made, they took us for a tour outside, in the rain, to see the farm animals. I always laugh at how city folk get a kick out of seeing chickens and horses and such. I guess the reason I think it is funny how they go crazy to get pictures of them is because I grew up around these types of animals my whole life, and to me it is just another chicken. HA HA.
We then got to go on a Hay ride to the pumpkin patch to........yep, you guessed it........pick pumpkins. YEAH!! It was so cold and the rain was still coming down, but we were going to stick it out. Here we are freezing and yet smiling on the hay wagon.
We picked us some great pumpkins and then we rode the hay wagon back to the cider mill where we were treated to hot apple cider and fresh home made donuts. They were yummy. It was fun to spend a day, just Tyson and I. Thanks Vaughn for taking the day off to watch Taryn. Tyson and I enjoyed the rainy day and the treats.