Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures of Taryn Jackson

I finally got around to taking Taryn for her pictures. She is 7 weeks old here in these pictures. I loved how they turned out. Hope you all enjoy them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Here is Tyson patiently waiting for presents. He came into our room about 7 am the morning and we figured our sleep was over. He didn't come in for Christmas, he just wanted a drink. So....Vaughn got him his drink, he got in our bed and went back to sleep. Vaughn went back to sleep and I fed Taryn and then about 8 am Tyson woke up and was ready for Christmas. Santa brought him a bike, Buzz Lightyear, and a Spiderman bike helmet. He was still half asleep when we brought him into the living room and his reaction was a little late. He just looked around and about 30 seconds later it finally kicked in that Santa had come. Ha HaTyson opened his first present. It was fun to watch his face light up as he opened each present. He was old enough this year to understand Christmas.
He got a GeoTrac from Grandma T. Thanks Grandma T!He got him a Pistons Jersey from Grandma and Papa Jackson...Thanks you two..
Taryn was totally thrilled at watching Tyson dance around opening presents. She feel asleep 10 minutes after this was taken.More presents......Thanks everyone for the Christmas gifts. We all loved them, and appreciated them!After the opening of the presents. We made a haul! Thanks again to our family and friends.We had Christmas dinner with the Sefciks family the afternoon. We had a wonderful meal and a great time with their family. Thanks guys!Here is our little princess. She was all smiles tonight. We hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Party

A Merry CHRISTMAS Eve to everyone. We had the pleasure of going to a Christmas Party at the Johnson's house. The evening was filled with laughter, good food and fun. Taryn showed off for everyone.

Jason and Vaughn chatting at the party.

The scene at the Johnson's House.

A few of the kids entertained us with a reenactment of The Nativity. Taryn was screaming so loud that we had to leave during the scene. Oh well.

We hope that Santa finds everyone tonight.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pistons Again

Why am I all smiles you might ask? Because I got to go to a Pistons game. I have missed the last two games because Taryn was a bit to young to take. Now, she is a little bigger and so I felt it was ok to go. (Tyson and Vaughn enjoying the game.) It was a great game going into two overtimes. The Pistons ended up loosing and Tyson was ticked! He doesn't like them any more, he told us. He wants a team that wins. Every time he has watched them at The Palace, they have lost. He told us he is going to root for another team. HA HA

Hey What Is That?

Taryn is now perceptive about things all around her. She loves the little animals that move around on her swing. She stares at them, and then smiles. I forgot how much fun this stage of new discovery is to watch. She loves to watch Tyson run around.

Not Today!

No Cute Pictures Today! Taryn wasn't hearing it today. I put on her Christmas dress to take pictures and she, as you can tell, wasn't posing for the camera today.

This is a full on mad shot! She was in a full tantrum about this time.
This was before the full on tantrum started.
Notice how she is much calmer here. Probably because it was two days later when this picture was taken. Now she is cute!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Makings Of Our 1st Gingerbread House

When my mom was here during Taryn's birth, she and I went shopping and we found this do-it-yourself gingerbread house making kit. Little did I know that it would take more than just my limited expertise to make it. When the box says it is "Simple" to make, they LIE! If you notice in the above picture we are using cans to support the wall while the icing dries, because mom made the icing runny. DUH! So we played the fishing game with Tyson's new pole while we waited for things to dry.

My little guy is quite the artist. I pipped the icing on the house and he decorated it. At one point, Taryn required attention, so Tyson picked up the icing and made the back window, and then decorated it himself. I was impressed that he figured it out, plus he did a really good job.
The finished house. Tyson also came up with the idea to put the candy canes on the front. What a creative kid. Even though this was an all day project, it was a ball. Thanks Mom for the kit.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This is my very first Christmas tree. Vaughn and I have never purchased a tree before, simply because we always went to his parents' house or my parents' house. But since we are staying put for Christmas this year, we bought us a tree. I have been collecting Santa ornaments for years and I finally get to use them. YEAH!!
Our stockings are hung by the kitchen with care. I know, a little corny but when you don't have a chimney to hang them by, you go with the next best thing. This is Tyson's tree. He decorated it quite well, with a little bit of help from mom. He enjoys plugging it in every evening.

My two happy kids by the Christmas tree. Tyson asks every day if he can open up a present and I have to tell him every day, "No, not until Christmas." Then he replies, "But it is Christmas." Then I have to explain that Christmas is coming but that it is not here yet. What a kid!

Just a nice close up. Tyson is thrilled, Taryn---not so much!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sittin' By Santa

Last year there was no way I could get Tyson to sit on Santa's lap. This year he actually wanted to. He got right up there, sat, and told him exactally what he wanted. My little boy is getting bigger. Merry Christmas everyone.

Frosty The Snowman

It snowed the other day and Tyson was so excited. He wanted to go out and play in it. Vaughn came home early from the hospital, and the two of them bundled up to head outside.

The starting of Tyson's first snowman. The snow was good and wet so packing it into a ball was easy. Not only did Tyson help build the snowman, but he also decided to throw a few snowballs at his dad. HA HA
Our very own Frosty The Snowman. They did well. Tyson shows everyone his snowman. He is proud of the creation.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taryn's Blessing

What a little angel in her blessing dress. By the look on her face, you can tell she is totally thrilled to be doing this. Sunday, December 8th, 2008, Vaughn blessed Taryn Jackson. He did such a nice job, and almost all the family was there. (minus Mark & Jen and kiddos, and My mom and Danielle and Jesse.)
Just as we got into church Taryn decided that it was a good time to poop her pants. And let me tell you this girl can poop! So I rushed her into the mother's room for a quick change. After a change of diaper I can hear the opening song begin, so I scooped her up and headed out the door only to have her throw up on both of us. I would be wearing black......ARG! So back into the room for another wipe down. Once the crisis was solved I went to leave again only to have her poop yet again. HELP ME!!!! Another quick change, and by this time they are finishing up announcements. As I rush out the door she throws up again, this time just on me and we head into the chapel. Perfect timing because just as I sat down and received the "Where have you been look," from Vaughn, they announced that it was time to bless her. AH!! You might be wondering how I got the above picture in the first place, it was taken just after the first poop. I had realized that in my rush of the morning I had forgotten to get a full length picture of her. So here it is on the changing pad......JEEZ!!! (Is this what happens when you have 2 kids?) Vaughn saved the day and gave her such a beautiful blessing and I quietly cried through the whole thing.
It was so nice to have family around for the weekend. Both kids enjoyed it and so did Vaughn and I. Uncle Trey is hired as permanent babysitter. He could pet her to sleep anytime.
Grandma Jackson is hired as a babysitter as well. She too could put the little princess to sleep. (Now how come Vaughn and I can't do this?)
Aunt Kariann got her to laugh. Such a cute smile. We are going to have to beat all the boys off of her.
Tyson loved the attention from Grandpa Jackson and his Uncle Brett. He got his fishing pole, he has been asking for, from Papa and they cast it all through out the house. I am shocked we didn't break anything. Tyson now wants to fish outside, Hmmmmm........We will have to wait until the ice melts.
Uncle Brett also brought Tyson presents. He brought him little Indian figurines and a turtle egg that hatched a foam turtle. Thanks you two for the gifts.
Picture of the family just after the blessing.
Our cute little family.

Grandma Jackson and Papa with the grand kiddos.

These are the two best uncles in the world. They just love the kids and my kids just love them. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and support us. We love and miss you and it was a wonderful time had by all.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things I Love About My Kids

Since most of my nights are spent up feeding Taryn, I have a lot of time on my hands to think, and I do a lot of thinking. Last night, in particular, I was just thinking of all the little things my kids do that make me smile, and I realized that I have never written them down. And since I use this as my personal journal of our lives, I figured it was fitting to collect them all here.
1. I love the way my babies smile and giggle in their sleep after feedings
2. I love the way Tyson's smile lights up the room.
3. I love it when Tyson says "Of Course" when asked if he could help with something
4. I love to hold Taryn's hand when she nurses.
5. I love to see Tyson kiss his little sister goodnight before he goes to bed.
6. I love how both my kids love to snuggle, there is nothing better!!!
7. I love it when my babies root around for food, (they remind me of little birds waiting to be fed)
8. I love Taryn's chubby legs, and I loved Tyson's chubby cheeks
9. I just love my kiddos
These are just a few of the things that I think about at night. I am sure this list will grow as time goes on.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! Yes, I know it is a day late, but at least I posted! LOL Here is my little angel in here cute Levi jeans and flower head band. She actually kept it on for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Our Thanksgiving was great. We were invited over to the Johnson's house for Thanksgiving with the Terrys and the Sefciks. Vaughn was in charge of deep frying the turkey. It was so yummy. We bought the deep fryer at Bass Pro Shop and did a trial bird the week before. (Didn't want to ruin Thanksgiving by blowing up the bird HA HA HA)
We had more food than I ever though possible. We could have fed 50 people. I ate and ate and ate. I figured, hey, as long as I am trying to loose my pregnancy weight might as well add a few more pounds. I added those pounds with numerous helpings of turkey, stuffing, corn, potatoes, salad and several slices of pie. AH!!!!!!!!

After dinner the older kids had games and little crafts planned out, while the adults played a guessing game of famous and non famous people. It was the girls against the guys, and I am happy to say we creamed the guys. Funny, Funny game. Taryn slept through the whole thing and Tyson had a ball playing with the kids. He hasn't really played with anyone for about 2 weeks, on the account that he has been sick. We ate and laughed until the wee night hours. Such a great time! This is Taryn in her "Daddy shirt." It says "Daddy's angel."

My two kiddos posing for the camera.
She looks so entertained doesn't she?