Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Vaughn!

Today was Vaughn's 30th birthday. Tyson and I spent the day before making party preparations. We made a bunch of signs saying "Happy Birthday" and took a trip to Unique World to find a party hat and balloons. We kept these all hidden and then woke up early this morning and decorated the living room with our party stuff. When Vaughn woke up he was greeted with a much more colorful living room. We sang and gave him his present for a Dinner Cruise on Thursday, (since he is busy the rest of the week). He had to rush off to school and we didn't see him till later in the evening, like about 9 p.m. when all the studying and tutoring was over. We then had a nice dinner and he blew out his candles. (On a side note, I made Grandma Karen's famous cooked icing recipe. I tried this recipe last year and I made a mess of it. But this year I got it right).


Candace and Richie said...

I love the decorations!!! How fun! I bet Tyson had a BALL!!! Can't wait to see you Friday!