Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lots to Tell

Ever had one of those days when the hair just doesn't turn out right? Well.........Taryn has been there too. She woke up from a nap the other day, just upset and crying and this is what she looked like. (I would cry too sweetie if my hair looked that way.) Her hair is actually getting long enough that I can put it in pig tails and curl it, however, she takes out anything that goes in her hair, and in about an hour after styling her hair, it is un-styled. Oh well. At least I try. Maybe someday she will like to keep her hair looking nice.

This is a good scene to see. Vaughn has graduated from medical school and is just "hanging out" while we wait to go to residency, which by-the-way we have no idea yet where we are going, and he is able to spend a lot of time with us. The kids love to play with their daddy. I love it too. It gives me a big help when I need to get things done and we can "tag team" while watching the kids.The snow has come to visit us again. I am ready for it to go away...... Tyson wanted to make a snowman. I forgot how hard it is to make a snowman, when the snow won't pack. You are looking at an hour's worth of work. And since we didn't have enough rocks for eyes, we used some old sun glasses. They worked. Tyson had fun and that is all that mattered. But when we got in the house he said, "Mom, I need some HOT CHOCOLATE." Me too...

Little Miss Messpot! She is getting to be so independent. She wants to do it HERSELF. It is good to see her break out of the baby stage, but she tries to do everything by herself and she isn't quite ready in all aspects. This is one of her cheesy grins during dinner. We cannot have a dinner without her and Tyson having a "giggle fest."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Jinxed Us!

I thought we were getting better by the last post.....boy was I wrong. I jinxed us. My two kiddos have been so sick. Just look at the picture of Tyson, poor kid, he has to have breathing treatments every 4 hours so he can breath. And he doesn't like to take the treatments because they give him a bad after taste. Plus they hype him up and he is like a top spinning off of the walls. Tyson started off with this cough and it has never gotten better, in fact it has gotten so bad that he would cough all night long, and the next morning look like he had been run over by a bus, from lack of sleep. Taryn, who I thought would be better since her bottom two teeth came in, developed an ear infection. Finally after we had exhausted all our knowledge, we took the kids to the Pediatrician on Tues and I am so glad we did. Taryn's eyes and nose were oozing this green gunk and she was running a temperature of 102. Tyson was beginning to sound ike he had the croup. The Pediatrician placed Tyson on these breathing treatments for two days and then we were to return for a follow up visit. He put Taryn on Amoxill and wanted to see her as well in two days. Two days later, Tyson is doing better, Taryn is worse. The doctor wanted Tyson to stay on the breathing treatments until Saturday and then assess him then. Taryn got a new kind of antibiotics and eye medicine. Today is Saturday and both are doing so much better. Taryn didn't wake up with her eyes matted shut for the first time in 5 days and Tyson's breathing is not raspy anymore. I hope we are on the mends and that our days of traveling to the doctor are over for a season. I am ready for Michigan to warm up so we all can get outside, feel some sunshine and get better.

On another note, we have a little over a month until we find out where we match for residency. The not-knowing-where-the-heck-we-are-going is getting to me. I am feeling stir crazy. I just want to start looking for a new place to live or to start packing, anything. ARG!