Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all out there. We carved pumpkins on Halloween Eve. This was our first time carving pumpkins, since the last 2 Halloweens we were living on St. Maarten where pumpkins were scarce. I thought Tyson would love this tradition, um no! In fact he didn't want anything to do with it when we showed him the Pumpkin's "guts" that had to be cleaned out.
Tyson had waited all day for his dad to get home from the hospital to carve pumpkins. But once we showed him the "inners" of the pumpkin, he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact Vaughn slimed Tyson's hand with some of the pumpkin guts and he threw an absolute hissy fit. He wasn't impressed one bit.
I at least got him to hold the top for a picture.
So since Tyson didn't want to help, Vaughn carved the pumpkins. He did a nice job. Must be all that practice from carving on the dead bodies in the Anatomy Lab. YUCK!
Our cool pumpkins. Tyson now thinks they are ok.Grandma T gave Tyson his Halloween shirt and I bought the onesie for Taryn. Cool pumpkins and cute kiddos.
Taryn is as big as the pumpkin. Doesn't she look cute? Yes I know I am biased, but hey, she is mine and I guess I can be....

Tyson the Tigger. He looked to cute in his costume. He has been waiting to "Trick-or-Treat" all month and is excited to go out and do so. So away we go.........

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taryn Jackson......Our Little Princess

Here she is. The newest member of our little family. Taryn Jackson. Here is her proud daddy.

Momma and Taryn 30 minutes after birth.
Just born....The family in the OR. We are just missing Tyson.
Look at the superhero Brother. He loves his sister....I even asked him if he wanted to send her back and he said no. He wants to keep her around.Tyson loves to give her tons of hugs. She isn't quite ready for all of them...Cute Brother and Sister.Look at the little cutie!!!
Grandma T with Taryn. So cute!! Thanks to my mom I survived the first two weeks as a mother of two. I have no idea what I will do when she leaves.
Another cute picture of Grandma and grand daughter.
My two darling angels. I am the luckest mom in the world.
(I will write more about her delivery into the world next post.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

12 Hours And Counting

Yes the title is true. I have 12 hours till I am wheeled into the OR and have this little one taken out of me. I am starting to get a little nervous......last time I didn't have time to think about all of this, but this time I know the actual date and time. YIKES! I keep thinking about the needles and the epidural. I had the epidural during a contraction the last time and so I don't remember ever feeling it. This time around I think I will be a little more aware and that is what scares me. So this will probably be a sleepless night or one full of dreams of needles, either way I am not going sleep well. I will be glad in about 13 hours when it is all over. Here goes everything.......

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Funny!

So Tyson said something so funny I have to write about it.
To set up the scene: Vaughn was talking to his dad when Tyson decided that he wanted to talk on the phone. Here is the conversation:

Tyson: Papa I need to tell you something
Grandpa Jackson: Ok
Tyson: I need a gun, I don't have a gun and I need you to get me one so I can go shoot with daddy.

Vaughn's dad thinks we set Tyson up to say this, but truth be told, it came out all on his own. We just laughed. Then two days ago he had this conversation with my mother-in-law.

Tyson: Grandma I need to tell you something
Grandma: Yeah
Tyson: I need some roller shoes
Grandma: Roller shoes?
Tyson: Yeah, those ones that have that roller thing on the shoe, those ones. I need those ok?

Another roar of laughter from me and from my mother-in-law. Tyson now thinks that he needs everything. HA HA HA

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It Is Autumn Time

The leaves are changing here and it is so Beautiful!!! I had to post pictures for my sister-in-law Jennifer. I know she misses Michigan, so here is a little piece of it for you Jen!! This bush Tyson is standing by is such a vibrant red, my camera doesn't do it justice. They are all over up here in Auburn Hills.

Most of these pictures have been taken around my apartment complex. What a palate of color to see each morning. This is just another reason why I love Michigan.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cut Again and Again and Again.

I just couldn't help it. I had to cut it again before the baby came. I needed one more day of pampering until I am knee deep in pain and screaming, well.....hopefully it won't be that bad. LOL This is the shortest I have ever had my hair in the back and I must say, I love it. Kind of a dorky look on my face, and now you can see my pregnancy fat in my face, but here is the side view. I really enjoy this Rachel that cuts my hair. She is so meticulous and makes sure I like it before she sends me home and if for some reason I don't, she fixes it until I do. 12 days and counting.................. (just looked back at all the pictures I posted and honestly, I look hammered. Well....I guess that is what 9 months of pregnancy will do to you. HA HA HA)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

2 weeks 3 days to go and my mind is all over the place. So many things are running through my thought processes. Do I have everything I need for this baby to come into this world? How can I make my Tyson's last two weeks with his mama, one-on-one, fun and exciting? How can I move when I feel so large? So many questions, none of which have easy answers. Sorry to just rambled but my thoughts are so "all over the place" that I just needed to write them down. Ok, better now...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Last Picture......hopefully!

Well....Three weeks from now this watermelon sized belly will be gone....I hope!!! I am three weeks away from my scheduled C-section, although I have been having dreams that she comes earlier, like my water breaking. (That is something that I don't want to experience again. Did that with Tyson and it wasn't that much fun). Enjoy the picture!

On another note, Tyson and I started decorating for Halloween today. We bought this little craft graveyard kit for us to make. We had a lot of fun doing this. I may go and buy another one because it kept Tyson so entertained and I enjoy doing stuff like this. I love Halloween and decorating for it is twice as fun as trick-or-treating, well.........maybe!