Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It Was A Merry Christmas

Santa dumped his sleigh at Grandma Jackson's house. Tyson slept horribly the night before Christmas, so he wasn't too thrilled that we were all trying to wake him up to open presents. Finally, Uncle Brett went into his bedroom and yelled, "Tyson Santa came!" That woke him up and he was ready to see what Santa brought. He understood the unwrapping of presents this year and was a bit put out, when we had unwrapped all the presents, that he didn't have anymore to unwrap. Here are a few of the action shots of the day.

This is Tyson unwrapping his McQueen slippers from his cousin Jaelyn. Great action shot!

Grandma and Grandpa Jackson gave Tyson a horse "hippity hop" As you can see, the kid is all about the action shots!

We got a big bag of LEGOS from Uncle Travis and Aunt Kariann.It took some coaxing to get Tyson to sit on Santa's lap, but after a bit he did. But notice that he still isn't quite sure about sitting there without me close by.He had so much fun playing with everything that he passed out on the floor by the kitchen table.

Doesn't he look handsome.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again/ Well Almost

Now you would think that this country girl would be excited to drive in the snow since I haven't seen in for a while, but that wasn't the case. Thursday night Vaughn and I drove up to Colorado Springs for him to take the Step 1 test. The plan was that I would go and Christmas shop while he tested. (That was the plan). I haven't exactly been feeling up to par, so the drive up in altitude didn't help the old sinuses. I felt like my head was as big as a hot air balloon. This wasn't going to be good. We got to the motel room and I was miserable all night long. Good thing the bed was a King sized. I tried to stay far away from Vaughn during the night, smothering my face when I had to cough up a lung. (He still isn't sick) Vaughn had to be to the testing center by 8 so we drove there and then I was left alone with my stuffed up head cold, cough, and this huge big diesel truck. Now normally driving this big truck wouldn't have bothered me, but you have to remember what I have been driving for the past 18 months. That is right, the rice rocket GETZ! Actually, I was wishing I had the Getz in all that traffic. It took about 35 minutes, several 10 point turns, probably a few pissed off drivers and many silent prayers to get me back to the hotel.
The rest of the day I went to the Citidal Mall, but was so sick that I didn't even enjoy shopping. I spent 1 whole hour just sitting in the truck trying to clear my head. I picked up Vaughn and made him drive home. I had my fill with driving the big truck. I think my choice in vehicles has changed, at least for now. I am ok driving a small car...... (maybe once I get better that will change)

Step one is over, for now!

It is official. Yesterday at 4:05 p.m. Vaughn walked out of the ProMetric Testing Center in Colorado Springs exhausted from taking the Step 1 test. He was glad to get it over with and has spent the last 12 hours sleeping and playing with Tyson. Now we wait for 3 weeks until the results come in. Keep those fingers crossed..... (Thanks to everyone for their prayers, hopefully they worked)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Croup and the Flu (in a bad way)

All good things must come to an end, and in our case it was an abrupt end. After we got out of the Rodeo Saturday night Tyson started running a fever and over the course of the next few hours his breathing became really shallow. I bathed him, fed him and gave him some Tylenol and tried to get him to sleep. He slept but was having trouble breathing. Finally I decided that we needed to go to the hospital. I woke up my parents, who weren't asleep b/c they were waiting for me to say let's go, and we took a taxi to the nearest hospital. By the time we got there Tyson's breathing was so shallow that I was afraid he wasn't getting enough oxygen. The hospital the taxi driver took us to was a children's hospital and triage. The little nurse on duty took Tyson's oxygen count and said it was good but that he sounded croupy. I had heard of croup before but never thought I would have to deal with it. We spent the next 5-6 hours in the ER while Tyson was given a shot, breathing treatments and x-rays. The poor kid. He just screamed and cried when they took his x-ray and we had a heck of a time holding him down for the picture to turn out. He cried "Mommy" over and over. It was enough to make this old girl break down and bawl herself. They finally released us around 6:30 in the morning and we took a cab back to the hotel. Luckily I was headed back to Colorado with my mother-in-law and to my father-in-law the doctor. Tyson and I both slept almost the entire way back to Colorado. He definitely had croup and still has a nasty cough. He hasn't been out of the house since we got back on Sunday and today is Thursday.
And since misery loves company, I fell ill with a nasty case of the flu Tuesday night. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time. So I am up and moving around, barely, for the first time today. It has been a rough week for us so far, but hopefully we are on the mends. (we should be with all the shots and medicine we are taking). Vaughn heads to take his Step 1 test tomorrow. We will all be praying for him to do well. Happy Holidays to you all!

Baby Shower and The NFR

Tyson and I spent a fun filled week at Grandma and Grandpa Westwood's house. We did find out that my dad has 3 new masses; one in his brain, one on his neck and one in the middle of his spine. That was a little disheartening to hear, but we are trying to make the best of it. Tyson and Grandpa Westwood bundled up and took his dump truck for a few test drives. Tyson had no idea how to steer, but he could push the gas peddle and make it go FAST! He and my dad had a ball.

This is what the snow looks like up on top of Cumber's mountain in Colorado. Yes it is cold and yes we like it. Although with the cold comes the flu and yes we have that as well. But we will write about that later. Isn't this a beautiful view. I love the mountains right after it snows.
Last Thursday we headed to St. George for my sister-in-law's baby shower. We have been waiting for this little bundle of joy for a long time. As you can see she made out well and received lots of goodies for her new little one. The diaper cake on the right side of the table was made by myself with the help of my sister and mom. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

At the baby shower Tyson was able to see his cousin Jaelyn. We miss her so much and don't get to see her very often so when these two cousins get together, LOOK OUT! They had more fun running around with balloons and chasing each other. Cute little bugs huh?

We spend Thursday night at Aunt D and Uncle Jesse's house. Tyson had a ball playing with his aunt and uncle. Mom, Dad Tyson and I loaded up into the truck and headed for Las Vegas to the NFR Rodeo. My dad was bound and determined to take Tyson there to see the bulls.

Here is Tyson and I at the NFR Rodeo just minutes before the opening ceremonies. Vaughn is supposed to be with us, but he was studying for the Step 1 Exam. We missed not having him there. Tyson loved wearing his cowboy hat and watching all the animals. He loved the horses and eating all the popcorn Grandpa Westwood would buy him.

Two handsome cowboys. My dad loved having Tyson there with him at the rodeo. Tyson enjoyed it as well. My good friend Wendy Kabonic's brother won the world title in Bull Riding that night. It was fun to cheer for someone you actually knew. It was a great time at the NFR.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Bye St. Maarten, Hello USA!

The Sonesta in Maho was our home for about 2 days, and I must say it was heaven not to have to clean up the place. (not that I left it in a pig pen state). Tyson had fun in and around the pool area and loved to rearrange the gigantic chess pieces. He thought that was the best game ever.
Then it was 12 hours and 3 plane rides later with only 1 hour delay in Dallas and we were able to finally make it home to Colorado. I was sure we were going to have to spend the night in San Juan, but luck was on our side that day and we made it. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends/family and the beauty of St. Maarten, however, being home is so nice (even though I have officially frozen off my toes and fingers, but I love it). If you look really close at the picture you can see that we have our 10 suitcases loaded in the car and we all look hammered, but thrilled to be home. We looked like a band of gypsies going through customs. Vaughn had one of those cart things for 8 of the 10 suitcases, and I had Tyson in the stroller, holding his carry on, while I juggled pushing the stroller, holding my computer bag, and the car seat, pulling the last carry on bag. WHEW!! It was a bit crazy and chaotic but we made it without any problems. I think everyone in customs could see that we had so much stuff and that we were struggling, so they just stamped us through quickly. NICE! That has got to be the quickest I have even gone through customs, EVER! Tyson was an angel and slept on all three plane rides, giving Vaughn and I a chance to catch up on some sleep as well. When we landed in Dallas I about cried, because I knew I was really in the USA! (The ground just felt a little lighter to walk on.) The plane ride to Denver couldn't go fast enough for me and when we touched down, I was ready to go and find Vaughn's family and get to Manassa. Although, we have had jet lag for several days, and trouble breathing in this high altitude, I love it anyway.

We spent 1 day in Manassa to unpack and then repack for a 9 hour drive to Utah on Sunday. Tyson and I are with Grandma T and Papa Westwood for the week and Vaughn is studying for the step one test, which he will take next Friday. We miss you all who are still on the ROCK and hope finals went well for you all.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Night At Palm Court

It is our last night here at Palm Court and somehow I feel very relieved; not one bit sad. I think the reason for this is that I have been frantically packing all evening and doing the last minute cleaning, due to the fact that I was busy all morning and afternoon. I am looking forward to leaving this place and staying two nights at the Sonesta, where I don't have to worry about cleaning up. YES! I was able to play one more round of Bunko with the ladies last Saturday night. It was so much fun and Kelly got an action shot of me rolling my "threes." The food was great and the conversations even better. It was nice to have that last fun time with the gals of the Spouses Organization. (Thanks Ashley) Today the SO threw Laura, Kathleen and I a Farewell Luncheon at Pineapple Pete's. It was nice to eat there one last time and chat with the girls. It still hasn't really hit me that I won't be coming back next semester. I guess when January comes and I don't have to come back, then it will hit me and I'm going to miss this place, but right now I just want off and back on American soill.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Down To The Empty Apartment

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," well then I should be 3000.00 dollars richer, right!!! Well.....hopefully I at least get back part of my deposit on this one bedroom cracker jack box of an apartment. I have been cleaning, packing and today sold almost all of our stuff at the 5th semester sale, which was a story in itself. We were rained on not once, not twice, but three times. And each time we would reset up our stuff to be sold, 10 minutes later, here came the rain. It was a pretty good sale, considering our class's reps didn't advertise it, DUH! (note to other semester gals, make sure the islanders know about the sale, otherwise you will have a hard time selling stuff). Tonight has been full of laundry, laundry and more laundry and packing. 2 more days in this apartment and we are off to the Sonesta.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Jinxed Myself

(This is a really old picture of the car, but I just wanted to have a picture of it on here)

Ok, so in a previous post I said that I wondered what this island had in store for me next, I should have shut my mouth before that sentence, because once again it decided to throw me another curve ball. (It should know better). Yesterday was a big day, I had a meeting at the school in the morning, cleaning to do, a couples massage with Vaughn and then his 5th semester party. I was hoping that I could go through out the day without a hitch, YA RIGHT!!!

I had just finished my meeting with Ashley at the school and drove to the marina to pick up Tyson. I parked outside the gate and walked to Laura's to get my boy. I talked with Laura for about 3 minutes, walked out the door with Tyson and headed to the car, except when I got to the place where the car should be, it was GONE!!! What the CRAP???? I thought I was loosing my mind, which wouldn't surprise me at this point, but then I remembered parking there. Someone had stolen my car and my $150.00 car seat was in it. Needless to say I let a few words fly, good thing I wasn't around a whole lot of people. I quickly called Laura and Vaughn and then dashed back home on foot dragging Tyson. Poor kid, I had him at a dead sprint.

At the apartment Vaughn and I were calling around trying to find the car. I called the man we rent the car from, who is off the island, HOW CONVENIENT!! His wife proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to the police station to file a report. I then asked her how I was suppose to get there and she told me to drive. OH DUH!! I should have known that, stupid me, but seeing how I don't have a car, that might be a little difficult. Stupid Woman!!! So I again explained, in the nicest voice I could muster, that my car had been stolen. She then gave me a number to call and that was that. So we called the number, which happen to be Eddie, another guy who rents the cars and he told us he would find out what was going on. Now, at this time I am fuming, and not because my car is gone, no no no, it is because my car seat is gone and I am going home in 7 days, 7 DAYS!!!! (stupid island)

We received a call about an hour later that the wrong cars had been "taken" and that our car would be returned to the place it was "taken". (Taken my butt, more like stolen, left me stranded) During this time, Vaughn has to go and take his last ICM exam and I am left to decide on whether or not to cancel the massages. I ended up canceling them and kept calling trying to find out a time when the car would return. Hours went by, Vaughn came home, and still no car. And trust me I was watching from my balcony to see if it would. (I can see the marina parking lot from my balcony and was just waiting for the dummies who stole my car to return it, because I was going to punch them in the face. But I didn't get that chance.) Vaughn called this Eddie again and he assured us that the cars were in transit. Ya, Whatever! I also needed to get Tyson over to Ben and Jill's since they were watching him for the evening, that was if we could find a ride to the 5th semester party. Luckily Jill was sweet enough to come and get him, so that lessened my troubles. (Thanks Jill you are an Angel)

Finally we got a hold of the lady who handles the lease payment of the car and she told us that she was in the vicinity of Palm Court picking up other student who had our same problem. Vaughn met her outside and she took them all to the Hyundai dealership in Cole Bay to retrieve the cars. (They were never in transit, lying snots) This lady told Vaughn that they took the cars for maintenance. WHAT? What the crap kind of lie is that? Vaughn told her, "If you needed the car to be serviced that bad, next time just let me know so I can get my stuff out, before you steal it." So she admitted that they stole the cars. What a wonderful place I live in!

Vaughn got the car and we were relieved to find that the car seat was still there. We even made it to his 5th semester party and had a great time. Tyson had a ball over at Jill's, thanks again, and slept over there. I am hoping that my troubles are all over, because I just want to leave without any more drama. PLEASE!!!!!

The Sweetest Thing

Some days I wonder if Tyson really understands the things we learn and talk about. He is so full of life that he is usually bouncing around when I try to teach him something, and then he will totally surprise me by actually applying the knowledge taught. Well tonight he did just that. We have a small picture of Jesus Christ on the wall and he looked at it and said, "Tha Jesus." I was so shocked that he knew who it was, because we have only talked about Jesus for a little while. He took the picture and wanted to sleep with it tonight. So he is in bed right now telling Jesus to be quiet and that they have to go night night. OH........It is enough to make this momma just cry. That is just the sweetest thing I have ever heard.