Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back Logging

I am such a slacker! I let the entire month of August go by without a post about home. So now I am in the process of backlogging. There is so much to tell and most of it very funny. So sit back and relax and get ready to read some hillarious stuff.
It all started when I went home with my mom. We left SXM Airport without any problems, and I thought, "WOW! For once I might be able to have a plane riding experience that doesn't involve me running for a plane or missing one." I jinxed myself. We got into Miami 20 minutes early, only to be told by the captain of our plane that the whole airport was shut down due to lightening. So everything was delayed. OK, we still have time to make our plane....maybe. We waited in our plane for 45 minutes, without air, and with a cranky Tyson who wanted to "GO GO GO" in his words.
Finally they get us off the plane and once again I am running to the baggage claim to pick up our luggage. The whole airport was a chaotic mess! We were being shoveed like cattle to the slaughter, as we tried to get our luggage back through customs. OH! And people who work in customs need to be just a bit nicer, can we say! The gal that helped us looked like she was ready to knock out anyone who crossed her. Her face would have cracked if she would have smiled. WOW! What a $%@#* (translation = not a nice lady). We got our luggage checked and rushed through the immigration point, and find out we have 15 minutes until our plane leaves. So we are rushing through security and my bag is held up. I told mom to run to the terminal and hold the plane until we get there. Now security is at D and we had to go to A19. Mom took off while I dealth with the idiots of security and proceeced to inform them that I wasn't a terrorist!
With my shoes on my feet, barly, and with Tyson in his stroller, not strapped in-just in, I threw my purse and camera case in his lap and said, "Hang on buddy we have to go fast!" Good thing he understands fast, because I ran like I have never run before. Infact I didn't know I could run that fast.
I hit terminal A19 yelling my mom's name and we went down the tunnel to the plane. YES they were waiting on us to leave, and wouldn't ya know it, we were sitting in the second to the last row in the back! I hate walking through people as they look at you with daggers in their eyes. Once we sat down and the plane took off, all three of us had a laughing fit. I couldn't stop and started to have tears run down my cheeks from laughing so hard.
On a side note. We were hoping to get something to eat and use the restroom in Miami, but as you can see that didn't happen. Luckly the airline sells snacks right? WRONG! By the time the steward got back to us, they ran out of snacks. ARG! This family of like 25 had bought the whole lot. So we fed Tyson teddy grams that I had in my purse and cookies from mom's purse. The day couldn't get any worse, could it? Oh yes it can. Then we flew right next to a lightening storm. I could see the big flashes outside of our window, and I could picture the plane being ZAPPED and us being a dead stick in the air. WONDERFUL! Since Tyson didn't get to run around he was all over the row wanting to play for the 4 1/2 hour plane ride.
Needless to say, once we got to Las Vegas International Airport I was ready for anything to eat and a bathroom. The only thing good about the whole trip was that my dad, sister and her husband were waiting for us at the baggage claim and my sister had no idea that we were on the plane with my mom. She saw us and screamed and cried. It was a great reunion. And THEN>>>>>>they lost one of my bags. HUH? Does this surprise me, no. In fact I was more surprised that we had any luggage at all.
That was how my vacation started out and it took 2 days for all of us to recover from the horrific plane ride. Luckily things went up hill from there.


ashreims said...

That is the worst story ever but really really funny! Thanks for sharing! Another reason to jot down for not going home on breaks! LMAO!

Candace and Richie said...

Nicole...we must fly on the same flights...ha ha! Seems like I alway have some off the wall story about flyng home!!! Glad you guys had fun after it was over!

Cluff Family said...

Seriously Nicole... only you! I can't wait to hear about the way back... HA HA HA! Oh, and the picture of Ty Ty on the horse is GREAT!!! Gotta love those horserides in the hills!!