Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Out With Friends

Saturday night I was able to go out to dinner with two of my good friends here in Michigan. Kind of like one more "girls night out." We went to Kruse and Muer, and the food was excellent. I wish I would have gone to this place more often. Bethany and Jen have been absolute sweethearts to me and my family. They have welcomed us into their homes for many holidays and hang out activities. They are like family and it is going to be so very hard to leave them. I think the hardest part about leaving Michigan is loosing friends, not that you loose them literately, you can keep in contact with emails, facebook and cards, but it isn't the same as hanging out and laughing till you pee your pants. Vaughn and I have agreed that this journey through medical school and now beginning residency is great and has been awesome with so many experiences and opportunities, but it has one downfall and that is leaving friends and having to move away from them only to go and try to make new ones. IT SUCKS!!! BUT.....this is what we signed up for, I think we all, and I mean Vaughn, I and even Tyson are ready to settle down permanently somewhere.
Thanks Beth and Jen for such a fun night of hanging out, laughing and just having a great time. You two have made my time here wonderful.

My church class. L to R: Megan, Cayanne, Angel, Alyssa, Natalie, Nick G., Nick D., Justin. I have been teaching these kids for a little over a year. They have been a lot of fun to teach and to see grow into little adults. They have brightened my life with their quarkie ways and funny comments. I will miss them immensely.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's The Little Things

Taryn has been learning to mimic much of what we do. Her latest thing is to sing the Primary song "Baptism." She doesn't know the words, but she can sing the melody. It is the cutest thing. She will sing it with a Da Da Da Da. And to hear her sing it when Tyson plays it on his CD player just melts my heart.

Another thing she is doing is saying, "NO, No, No" But she does it in a playful way. She does it to tease her daddy. What a girl.

Tyson's new thing is to take his dad's walkie talkies and play spy games... He loves it and is having a ball. He can count all the way to 100 without any help and can count backwards from 20 down. I am impressed with this little 4 year old.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And The Winner Is.............Knoxville, Tennessee

YES! It is official. We have a job and a place for the job. We are headed to Knoxville, Tennessee and we couldn't be happier.
Thursday was the day we found out where we would be going and let me tell you, we didn't sleep much the night before. Thursday morning was a whirlwind of events before we found out. We had to go to the county offices at 8:00a.m. During our meeting there about 9, Tyson and Vaughn headed to the Nature Field Trip with Tyson's school. Taryn and I finished up and were home by 9:30. Then it was a late breakfast, since mom didn't get it in before, and then we waited for Tyson and Vaughn to get home around 11:30. Now we waited, and waited and waited...............Till 1:00 p.m. I was making Vaughn check the computer up till one just in case they posted early. (They don't post early in case you are wondering) When one o'clock finally came around Vaughn decided to torture me by saying, "Let's just wait 10 more minutes." I was ready to pound on him. Lucky for him, he was laughing and logging onto the computer as he said it, otherwise he might not have lived. Then...............there it was "Congratulations, you matched at UT Hospital in Knoxville. WAHOO!!! I jumped around and shouted for joy. What a rush to finally know where we were going after months of wondering. Vaughn was happy and we spent the next hour calling family to let them know of our good news.
At 2:00 Tyson had a birthday party and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were there. I cannot tell you how nice it is to finally have a direction in our lives and a place to land that direction. Now our lives are filled with exciting new things: finding a place to live, finding a school for Tyson, learning about Knoxville....etc. It is an exciting time in our lives.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hurry Up I am Smiling!

" Hurry up mom and snap the picture, because in about 5 seconds I am going to pull out my pigtails and then I won't smile anymore." This is so true. I get Taryn all "girly" each morning with bows, and curling iron and hairspray, the works, and with in two minutes of my masterful work on her hair, the little stinker takes it out...Drives me nuts!!

The only day she will leave her hair alone is during church, but the second those three hours are up and we are in the car driving home, she pulls out the hair accessories and she looks like a messed up hairdo gone wrong.

At least I got a few good pictures before the hair came out. And believe me, she pulled it out moments after these were taken. Oh she is "Miss Stinker Pot"!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Match Day....almost there!

Match day was yesterday and YES WE DID MATCH!!! WHOO HOO!! This means that we have a job as a doctor, the problem now is that we don't know where that job might be. We find out that piece of information on Thursday. ARG!! The waiting is about to engulf my sanity. Our lives are basically on stand still until Thursday around noon. I cannot believe that this process of medical school and finding a residency is about over. It seems like we just started it a few months ago. The time really has gone by fast. Talley-freaking-hoe to Thursday!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Last Piston Game

Last Wednesday our good friend Doug came by in the early hours of the morning and asked if we wanted to go to the Piston's game that night. We always love to go and so he handed us 4 tickets and said to have a good time. I was excited because they were playing the Utah Jazz, which is my family's favorite team, so it should be a good game.

Tyson always loves to go to the games and jump around, yell for his team and watch all the entertainment. He has loved going to these games the past 2 years. Taryn actually smiled for this picture. She had a ball at the game. We were on the second level down at the bottom and we had a glass railing so the kids could see all the way down to the floor. We may not make it to another game at the Palace, but then again who knows. Vaughn's match for residency is this next week and so we could be here in Michigan, still watching the Pistons play, or.....we could be some place else. We will know more in about 5 days.
This video is the kiddos enjoying the time at the Piston's game.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 30 Day Shred

Vaughn and I are on day 8 of the 30 Day Shred of Jilllian Michaels. We heard about this little DVD from Will and Chelsea. They said it was kicking their trash and they could see results.

It is divided into 3 different routines, each one building upon the other one with strength, cardio and abs, in twenty minutes. You do each routine for 10 days and then go to the next and so on.....And the promise is that you will loose 30 pounds in 30 days. So we figured, "what the heck?" The first day wasn't bad, just a bit awkward getting used to the routine, but then HOLY CRAP.......the second day comes and you feel like you are back in high school during the 3 a days football camp, or in my case drill team camp, with screaming calves, burning thighs; basically everything hurts from the hair on your head to your small little toe. OUCH! It took me 3 days to be able to walk without pain. And during all this you don't quit the exercising, you have to do this DVD everyday.

Now that we are over the week mark and on day 8, the workout seems a bit easier, but then we hit level 2 very soon. I heard it is a killer. There are the days when Jillian says her little comments and Vaughn and I both yell at the TV. Funny huh? Two grown adults yelling at the TV. The even funnier part is that Tyson wants to do it with us. He is all into doing anything that mom and dad are doing, because he wants to be so grown up. He uses his Wii paddles as his hand weights since we won't let him use ours, which doesn't always go over the best. Anyways, the whole family is trying to be healthily. We'll recap in 30 days and see if this worked or not. And we will finish all 30 days....

The Olympics Are Over......(sniff, sniff)

This should be February 28th, 2010, when I made this post, but be that as it may it isn't and so we are posting late as usual. We really enjoyed the Olympics this year, and Tyson started to understand the concepts of some of the events. He especially liked the speed skating. I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer ones because I like the snowboarding and skiing and anything that has to do with the snow games. Plus, I love to root on the USA in anything. It kind of gives you a sense of pride to be an American when your team wins. I would have liked to have won the "Ice Dancing" and both hockey finals, but silver isn't bad and it adds to the medal count. Our lives were on hold every day and night if the Olympics were on the television. I cannot wait until the 2014 games. YAHOO!