Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's ZOO Time!

It's the "Gator Girl." Taryn tamed the ferocious beast, or at least she thought she did. My friend Heather call and invited us to go with her and the "boys" to the zoo. It was a great way to mix up the middle of the week. The kids had so much fun at each animal exhibit and they were full of energy.

Look at those innocent smiles. YA Right! These two were like PB and Jelly. Where one went the other followed and usually it was at a sprint to the next exhibit. They had so much fun together. Taryn told me the other day that she wasn't going to marry Peter Pan anymore because he didn't want to grow up, but that she was going to marry Lincoln. HA HA. The girl is already arranging her own marriage. She and Lincoln are alike. They are both loud, crazy and we (Heather and I) can see them in the future as partners in crime, but in a good way.Give that girl a license. Taryn loves getting behind the wheel and pretending she is driving.
Love these monkeys!

The lions were roaring as we walked to them. I have never seen them so active before. Usually they just lay around or are no where to be found, but today they were awake and active. They are such BIG, majestic animals.

The gorilla was not going to turn around and look at us. He sat on his little blanket and gave us the butt shot! Then after a minute, he walked around and ate and turned to look at us. I always wonder what they are thinking?
The smelly pachyderms. The elephants were quite odorous today. Taryn and Lincoln watched them sling their dung around and laughed when they passed gas! Like I said, two peas in a pod!

All three kiddos smiling away on the golden turtle.

We walked around, had lunch and finished up at the kids park place, I forget the name of it. Taryn and Lincoln went up and down and up and down the slide, 900 times.

Such a cute picture!

There we are. Two hot mommas, and when I say hot I mean we were hot! It started out quite pleasant, but by the time we left the zoo it was HOT! It was a blast hanging out with Heather and her boys. Such a great activity for the middle of the week. Good times!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deal Of The Week

I did well. I outfitted both of my kids for summer in under 80.00 at Jack and Jules Consignment Sale. I also consigned a bunch of my stuff at this sale once again. And since I decided to consign, I also decided to be a volunteer worker and get the perks of more money and first pick of the clothes. Taryn was a big help in picking out her own clothes. She found most of the ones here. What a good shopper.

Here are Tyson's clothes. I know his pile is a bit smaller than Taryn's, but he didn't need as many clothes as she did. A lot of Tyson's shorts and shirts from last year still fit him, Taryn outgrew everything.
I did pick up a big floor puzzle for Tyson, which he loved. It teaches him his states and he enjoys learning it.
Taryn loved the flip flops and princess lunch box we found for her. The hat is part of the dress up clothes I found for my mom. She wanted a picture to show her wares. I love shopping a good sale and finding great deals. The kids grow so fast that this is the best way to outfit them. I love consignment sales.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Supergirl

My crafty mother made this Superman cape for Tyson a while back. And now Taryn has fallen in love with the idea of being a "Super Girl". She will ask for me to fasten the cape on her and then she flies around the house saving me from all evil. HA HA HA. I love it when she uses her imagination.