Friday, September 7, 2007

The Week in Circleville

After the horrific/hilarious experience to get to the states, we headed for good old Circleville, the town of my birth. I love home. It is called Circleville because we are surrounded by mountains in a huge circle. It's the kind of town where you know everyone and you feel safe to be out and about. I love that about being home. While we were home we got to do a lot of fun things. Tyson's favorite thing to do was to wake up, at the butt crack of dawn, (ARG!!) and go get his Papa Westwood loaded on the 4 wheeler for a ride. He didn't even let me change his pj's he just wanted to ride, first thing in the morning. We also took a day to go and visit Aunt D down to Hurricane, Utah and swim in her pool. Tyson loved the water, as always and his aunt was amazed at the way he would jump into the water with no fear! Here is Aunt D and Tyson making a dive for the water. Notice that Tyson is already in the water. Danielle couldn't jump fast enough for him.

Uncle Jesse was in the Washington County Fair Derby, and we got to go and watch it. Tyson loved the crashing of the cars. He also loved it when the tow trucks "Mater" came in the arena to tow out the cars. He wanted to see more of the crashing and kept telling the cars to "come out" so he could watch them. It was great!
This is Tyson yelling for the cars to return back to the arena for more crashing.Tyson, Aunt D and the new football dog he got from her and Uncle Jesse for his birthday.
My mom made a CARS cake for Tyson and we had a little birthday party at the house. He loved the cake and the blowing of the candles. This is why he was so excited to blow out his candles last week. He had a lot of practice at home.
Obviously he wasn't waiting for a plate. He wanted to be the first one to have a bite of cake.
We also had the surprise to see his cousin Jaelyn in St. George. We haven't seen her for a while and the two of them were like peas in a pod. They played and played.
The time in Circleville was wonderful. Thanks mom and dad and sis and everyone else for a wonderful time. But our adventure back home wasn't over.......


Candace and Richie said...

Looks like Tyson loved the adorable cake! I've always wanted to plow into a cake like that too! Yummy! You guys must have had so much fun!!!

Cluff Family said...

Too bad we didn't make it to the derby! I love those things! Ty Ty definitely looks like he enjoyed himself in the water and everywhere else! We can't wait to hear "The Rest of the Story" HA HA! You rock Nicole!!