Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Time In Colorado

To start off, our week and a half in Colorado was great. Tyson had a fun filled time, especially playing in his uncle's crashed up derby cars. He thought he was cool stuff in Uncle Brett's car. We were able to see long time friends and family and play on the ranch. Plus, as an added bonus, we went to the mountains, something I have been wanting to do for a whole 15 months. And since I am still backlogging, I am just going to post pictures and then explain them. I know, I know, the easy road, but hey, sometimes ya gotta take that road.

Brett was able to spend several days with Tyson before starting his Sophomore year at Sanford. He was the best at getting Tyson to take a nap. It is really hard to convince a 2 year old to take a nap when there is so much going on. Brett was our savior. Within minutes he and Tyson would be asleep and I could do a few things. Thanks Brett!

Vaughn got brave and rode the palomino colt, named BJ, out in the arena. I figured it would be a rocking rodeo, but he did just fine. I guess 15 months of not being on a horse never affected him. He was an old pro and looked great riding him. Way to go babe!

My inlaws got a new dog, a Great Pyrenees. Tyson loved to go up and pet the dog but then would run away when "Scooby" wanted to play. The dog thought this running away was a game and proceeded to follow Tyson bitting the back of his shirt, making Tyson drag the dog behind him. It was the funniest thing. And even though Tyson didn't want him doing that, he still wanted to play with the puppy. Scooby loved to chase Tyson around the ranch.

I was able to see my friend Jeannie Thornton. She was my substitute who took over my classes when I took time off for maternity leave. She was the only sub that I allowed in my classroom. She was just a strict with the kids as I was, and followed my lesson plans to a T! We have stayed really good friends. She has lived all over the world and I enjoy listening to her stories. We had lunch together in Alamosa, and Tyson slept through the whole thing and, woke up at the last. It was a great lunch.

This lawn mower of my mother-in-law's was Tyson's favorite thing to ride. He thought it was a mini tractor, because of the color, and loved to ride it. He also loved riding in grandpa's BIG tractor and hauled lots of hay with his dad and grandpa. Funny how boys love that kind of stuff.

There is a place up the mountains called Platoro. It's so beautiful; pine trees as far as you can see. We went there for a night and stayed in my inlaws' camper. But this thing isn't your average camper. It is nicer than the apartment I live in. Leather couches and cherry wood trim, yeah a lot nicer than what I live in.

See how nice!

Vaughn loves being in the mountains and by the grin on his face you can tell he was loving every second of it. The trailer in the background is my inlaws. Trailer, HA, more like a mansion on wheels. It was so nice!

Tyson loved his horse ride. He wouldn't remember, but we put him on a horse when he was 1 month old, just for a photo, and dad was holding him. But this time, he could hold on himself. He was all smiles. He looks as good on the horse as his daddy. I have a cowboy on my hands!

Tyson had another birthday party while in Colorado. All the family was there and all the kids. He is now going to think that he gets three parties every year. He sure did love blowing out the candle.Tyson played with his cousins on the trampoline. He loved to jump, jump, jump. Maybe that is why he is now using the couch and bed as a trampoline. In any case, whenever he wasn't on the 4 wheeler, tractor or horse, he was jumping. If Grandma Karen ever sees this, she is going to beat me. HA HA HA. She hates to have her picture taken, if you can't tell by the scowl she is giving me. We just love her. Tyson got all kinds of fun toys for his birthday. Unfortunately they had to all stay back home. But on the bright side, he will have all these toys, that he thinks are new, to play with when he returns home. Thanks everyone for the wonderful time in Colorado.

Now you would think our journey is over..................but then we had to get on the planes to come home.........