Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MY Year Mark!!

This is Tyson and I at the butterfly farm a few weeks after we had moved to the island. Look how little he was. My baby is all grown up now.

I know the headline sounds like I have been on a mission, but technically I have, or at least it feels like it.
One year ago today Tyson and I made the all day trip here to St. Maarten with my In-Laws. I remember it was long and tiring, and when we got off the plane here on the island I thought I had stepped into hell, not because of the island itself, but it was so HOT!!! I never thought I would get used to the heat and some days I pray for snow here, but I have grown accustomed to this kind of weather. I can wear my flip flops and short sleeves all year round, not bad!!

This adventure down here has just flown by and in 7 short months we will be back home again. WOW! I just cannot believe it has gone by so fast. In this short time we have experienced some cool and not so cool things. Tyson is not a baby anymore he is a little boy and I have learned that you can kill a cockroach with hairspray when the RAID runs out!!! (good thing to know since who knows where we will end up next)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dawn Beach

The three sand castle diggers. As you may have noticed, we are back to the "Beach a Week" gig here on the island. I love Saturdays. I look forward to going to a new beach and hanging out with the gals.
Tyson loves to play in the sand and so does Gavin and Reece. They were all just having a good ol' time, until I came up and started snapping pictures, then they wanted me to leave.
This was a really pretty beach with gorgeous beach front villas. I, as did the other ladies, picked out the villa I would like to purchase someday, when this whole adventure is over. It is one of these villas on the beach in white, or the nice one on the hill. Ah heck! I'd just be happy with a little bungalow by the ocean anywhere, even if it was made of palm tree leaves. That's just the redneck in me. LOL

This is my hazy shot of the look out villas at Dawn Beach. How I got the hazy shot I have no idea, but it looks mysterious......

Here we have Tyson with the back ground of the very nice beach villas. Look how pretty they are. Oh, and the kid is pretty cute too!!! Obviously he wasn't too thrilled for me to take this picture of him. Just look at the face he gives the camera.

Just one last photo of this beautiful beach and the houses and greenery.

Friends From Home

When I was home I had a chance to see two gals that I coached as cheerleaders, way back in the day. (I could no way do a jump split to save my life anymore HA HA) These two girls have kept in touch with me over the years and what a treat that has been to see them grow up from the Juniors they were, when I knew them in high school, to the beautiful, cute little wives they are now. Thanks for the luncheon gals. It was great. I miss you tons. You both looked wonderful. See you again soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isn't He Cute?

Tyson has been quite a funny kid lately. He got this hat from Grandpa and Grandma Westwood and he has to wear it every time we go out the door. He runs to where it is hanging up and says, "HHath." And if you don't get it, he jumps around until he gets his way. Spoiled rotten...LOL

He has also had quite a fetish with his mom and dad's shoes. He loves to put them on and parade around the apartment, or he will bring them to us and put them on our feet.
Another funny thing is his love for his pajama's at night. Before going home this last time, he always slept in a diaper with a onesie. Now, that we have actual pajamas, we have and I mean have to wear them at night. He loves the NEMO ones the best. Those are the ones you see him sporting in the picture above. He is just growing up into a little boy. CUTE KID!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Spouses Organization Welcome Breakfast

I have been a part of the Spouses Organization, SO, for about 1 year now. It is a great organization that helps spouses and families get regrouped and ready to transition to the island life of St. Maarten. We had our annual Welcome Breakfast where we meet the newbies and reconnect with the old gals here on the island. I love the breakfast and this time it was even better, I didn't have to organize it. I love being a participant instead of the "in charge person." The new Council: Ashley, Jill and Candace are doing a great job. This Organization has saved me on this island and I would hate to think how life would be here without it. GO S.O.!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tyson's First Theather Movie

Yep! We actually sat through, almost, an entire movie. Laura, Ashley, myself and the crew of boys went to the matinee of "Shrek Three". It was hysterical. The theater here on the island, has got to be one of the nicest theaters I have ever been to. It surpasses anything they have where I am from. The seats are HUGE and they lean back. AHH!!!!! Plus they have booster seats for the little 'uns to sit on so they can watch the movie like the BIG kids.

It was a bit hectic getting settled in, but once we bought the popcorn and small drinks, Tyson was in heaven. He sat there very still and watched the movie. There were a few moments where he almost made a break for it and ran down the isle stairs, but mom persuaded him to stay with her secret weapon, CANDY. (I don't like him to have a lot of candy but to make him sit there, it was worth it) It was such a good experience that I cannot wait to take him to another matinee, provided it is a cartoon that is fast paced and with big characters.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It Was Cold Weather and We Liked It!

Here he is, pushing his Fisher Price Bubble Lawn Mower. He wore that thing out. Notice the jacket, long pants and beanie? Ya, the weather was wonderful back home, unlike the island.
Since it is so blooming HOT here, Tyson and I have been sweating up a storm. We even open the door and "WHOOSH," we are smacked in the face with the humidity. A far cry from the nice 60 degree weather of Circleville. It is the HOT season here and so we will spend more time at the beach and pools to cool our heated bodies.
Here is a cute picture of the little tyke and myself. This is taken at the Circleville Elementary School playground. He loved to sit on the dinosaurs and play. The layers of clothing look warm to those of us here on the island, but at home, they felt good.
There wasn't a day that we didn't walk across the lawn from our house to the playground. If Tyson couldn't get me to go then he went to Grandpa Westwood, who is a big pushover, to take him. They would go for about an hour and dad would come back wheezing from running around with Tyson. Notice on the far left of the picture the shaggy dog, that is Shep, the family dog who ate quite well when we were home because Tyson found the dog food and fed him a little too regularly. Let's just say Shep is a few pounds heavier and now waits to be fed every hour. Sorry about that mom and dad. LOL

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fishing Fun

"It wasn't the beach, but it was still water and he wanted to go in."

Tyson was excited to get into Grandpa Westwood's boat and go fishing, but he wasn't happy that he couldn't swim. He about went over the side to test the chilly waters of the Otter Creek, but one of ten hands grabbed him back into the boat. Notice that Grandpa Westwood is filling him up with some cold Mountain Dew. He slept great that night! LOL

He got excited when dad caught a fish and carried it around the boat in a bag. He also decided to tree his mother with the slimy thing. I would much rather hunt and gut a deer, than catch a fish and hold the grimy thing. "YUCKY". Tyson was a BIG tease and liked to keep putting the caught fish in my face. Little stinker.

Here he is driving the boat. He thought he was "BIG TIME" since he could get behind the wheel and drive.
Mama, Aunt D and Tyson ready to catch some fish.

Time at Home

It has been hard to take time out to blog while being home with family. So I have to back up and blog about things that have happened 2 weeks ago.

Once we got into Las Vegas and were picked up by Vaughn's mom and sister, we headed to sunny St. George to see family. Tyson had a ball playing on Aunt Kariann's play set. He must have had Grandma Jackson help him up the stairs one million times.

I think he was just happy to be off the airplanes and out of car seats. He was ready to run and he didn't quit.

It was nice to finally be home and see family. We spent 2 days in St. George to visit with Vaughn's family and then we headed north to see Grandma and Grandpa Westwood.