Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Were MIA.......for a long time....but now we are back!

I know that it has been a long time since I last blogged, (like about 3 1/2 months) and for that I apologize. A lot of stuff happened in our little Jackson family the day after Christmas. In light of the fact that catching up for the last 3 months might actually never happen, and to explain everything in detail is another lost cause, I will just give a brief summation of the day after Christmas. DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS Vaughn's health had not been the best 4 days prior to Christmas. He was able to watch the kids open up their Christmas presents, but then he was back in bed for the rest of the day. The next day, which was Sunday, he did not improve, in fact he got worse. He looked like "death warmed over" and by about 8 pm that evening he was so bad that I put my foot down and took him to the Emergency Room. After waiting for about 3 hours, we found out that Vaughn had CML Leukemia. The reality of this hit us like a ton of bricks. He has always been so healthy, never sick, and now this! What the *&%$! He was immediately admitted to the hospital and I spent the night there. Luckily I had a very good family watching over my children. Neither of us slept and by 6 am I was on the road to pick up the children and tell them what was going on. That was the hardest conversation I have ever had to have. Tyson thought his daddy was going to die, right now, and it took me about a week to convince him otherwise. Over the months of January and February Vaughn was in and out of the hospital four different times. It was the hardest two months of my life and the lives of my family. We were so lucky to have a great ward out here, step up and help out where ever we needed it. We have also been so blessed with the many phone calls, texts, letters, cards, money, love and support from our families and friends. Heavenly Father has heard and answered many prayers on our behalf and Vaughn is on the mends. The leukemia is being managed with a chemo pill that he takes every day, and is close to being in remission which is our primary goal! We have been so blessed that the doctors who take care of Vaughn have been exceptional. We couldn't have been in a better place or have better doctors who have been so good in taking care of Vaughn and my whole family. We have just been SO VERY, VERY BLESSED! My prayers have been answered and the Lord has seen fit to let me keep my husband for a while longer. That is the biggest blessing in my life. I pray everyday that he lets me keep him one more day. Vaughn is my best friend, my comic relief and my eternal companion, and I cannot imagine life without him. So with that said........We, as a family, have changed our perspective on life. The material things of this life that used to matter to us, no longer have that meaning. What matters is FAMILY and spending time with each other as much as we can. Thanks to everyone who has helped us and prayed for us. We love you all and appreciate all you have done for us!! And a special thank you to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us immensely. We are eternally grateful for what we have been given.