Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Moving To Michigan Continued" Kansas and Beyond

If you have ever been to Kansas this might look familiar. Although it was an interesting state, very very flat, it all looked about the same. It was sad not to see mountains anymore. I knew when I started seeing scenery like this, I was truly out of the Rocky Mountains. BUMMER!

The drive was long...........................and got longer as the day progressed. We finally stopped in Salina, Kansas, for a meal and I must say it was a very nice stop. Everyone was so friendly, like out of the "Andy Griffin Show". Kind of bizarre, and the time to stretch the legs was much needed. The only set back in Kansas was that our bank placed a hold on our debit cards. They thought they had been stolen and so we couldn't use them for about half the day until I got the mess straightened out. (At least we know our accounts are being watched)

We watched a lot of little towns go by, talked on the two-way radios a lot, and finally reached Kansas City, after rush hour, thank goodness. It was a big city and trying to maneuver the U-haul with truck in tow and us behind him was no small feat, but we did it and were finally out of Kansas and into the state of Missouri.

There is a lot of church history in the state of Missouri and I wished we wouldn't have been on such a time restraint, so we could go and see it all. Another time! It was about 6 pm and we were getting tired. We hadn't stopped much, trying to make up time from the problems in the beginning, so I told Vaughn to find us a place to stop off and sleep. We stopped in Concordia, Missouri and found a nice little Day's Inn. Eating and sleeping were first on the agenda and in that order. Thursday was going to be another long day of driving....................or so I thought.