Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love this Mall!

The mall here in Auburn Hills has become my new savior from toddler tantrums. Not only does it have the nice food to play on, (that I blogged about before) but it also has this great carousel. It is about 2 bucks to ride it for 4 minutes. Of course Vaughn has to ride it with Tyson, the thought of me on something that spins, make me nauseous. So, thank goodness Vaughn doesn't mind getting on the kiddie ride.


Cluff Family said...

Tyson is getting soo big! He is quite the looker too! Hey, I was going to email, but this is just as good. I talked to Dr. Shupe at the welcome breakfast and she says to tell you congrats on being pregnant and also wanted to just say howdy. So the message has been passed! I freaking love that woman! Anyway, I'm a wee bit jealous of the mall.... just 3 more months and I'll be home :)
love ya girl!


Rachel Orr said...

Hi Nic,
You guys look great. What a cute family. I'm glad you are all settled in and enjoying life. I finally started blogging! Check it out.
love ya,

WESTWOOD'S said...

I found you. Your blog is so cute. I love it, and I love Tyson. He is so cute. We miss seeing him. Keep enjoying Michigan-we're glad you like it.