Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Back Blogging" March 16-April 14. Time in Utah

Tyson and I were able to spend a wonderful three weeks in Circleville, Utah with my mom. Although I was nauseated most of the time, Tyson had a ball playing with cousins, school kids, and running around outside. We arrived in Circleville on Easter Sunday and luckily for us Aunt D had colored Tyson some eggs. So mom and I were able to take him up to Birch Creek and roll Easter Eggs. I used to love doing this as a kid, and Tyson took to it as well. He also liked the fact that they rolled down to Grandma Westwood and then she threw them back up; so he would throw them at her. It was a great time. A lot of people don't roll Easter eggs for Easter, they eat them. Kinda strange to me, but then again I was born a redneck!We went to St. George Utah and spent some time with Aunt D and Uncle Jesse. Aunt D took Tyson swimming, which, of course, he absolutely loved and wanted to stay in the pool all day. I enjoyed the eating out at the Pasta Factory and Chili's. Even though I was still sick, I forced it down. The funniest part of the whole time in St. George, was taking Tyson through an automatic car wash with the big blue brushes.As you can see from his face, it scared the tar out of him, that and the fact that Aunt D and I screamed when it started to wash the car. He didn't like the car was and didn't want to go do it again. HA HA HA.

Vaughn flew to see us on the 12th of April, where he picked up our U-haul in Cedar. (It was cheaper to get the U-haul in Cedar than in Colorado, go figure). That next day, Sunday, we drove to Las Vegas to bless my new nephew, Cole Mark Jackson. It was nice to see family for one last time before we moved. We traveled back to Circleville Sunday night and packed all of our stuff from my parents' house, grandma's house and the storage shed. (We have a lot of crap).

We were sad to leave Grandma Westwood, but she is coming to visit us in June. We traveled, all three of us, in the HUGE U-haul all the way to Manassa, Colorado. Yeah that was an interesting ride. Tyson and his car seat in the front of that U-haul made for cramped quarters. We drove for over 11 hours and when we got to Manassa it was a mad dash to unload and reload all of the rest of our stuff that was at Vaughn's parents' house. We finished at 1 am that next morning. I was so tired I could have slept for a month, but oh no! We were back up again by 8 am with a lot more to do before we could leave that afternoon at noon.............TO BE CONTINUED.....


Cluff Family said...

YAY Nicole! It was soo fun to talk to you! The pictures are GREAT! I can't believe how big Tyson has grown since you left! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the adventures you are having! I am glad that you are loving MI and Vaughn is loving the Clinicals! We miss you guys!