Saturday, May 3, 2008

"More Back Blogging" The Move out to Michigan.

Here is a shot of the U-haul we used to bring our lives out to Michigan. The whole thing is loaded, and I mean LOADED with all off our stuff. Our plan was to leave Manassa, Colorado at noon, funny how things never go as planned.
So.........on with the saga of the Jackson's moving out East.

We were loaded, ready to go and just a few hours from leave time. I had to make a few last runs into town for snacks and drinks. I also wanted to see some family before we left, but as I came out of the Manassa Market, the waves of nausea swept over me like the ocean waves to the beach. I thought I would throw up right there in the parking lot. Luckily I made it to the house and then spent the next 30 minutes with my head in the toilet. (Which is becoming a frequent thing for me lately) Anyways, upon returning home I found out that the truck hitch we rented from U-haul didn't fit Vaughn's truck. EEK!! We are T-minus 30 minutes from leaving and have no way to pull the truck. If this was an indicator of how the trip was going to be, I was slightly nervous.

We called all around to see if anyone had another hitch, something luck. We were told to get a tow bar, except that the closest one was in Pueblo, Colorado, luckily on the way. First we had to drive to Alamosa, Colorado, and drop off the hitch that didn't work, that took an hour. Being 2 hours behind schedule, we loaded up and drove to Pueblo, with my mother-in-law driving the truck, myself and Tyson in the Edge and Vaughn driving the big U-haul. We made it to Pueblo, to the U-haul place there and bought the tow bar, thinking that they put it on. WRONG!!!! No we have to put it on ourselves, which at home wouldn't have been a problem, but we were hours from home and without tools. So for 3 hours my mother-in-law called around to everyone she knew trying to find someone to help us in Pueblo. We found a man, who was located 15 minutes outside of Pueblo who could help us. He was a really nice person and ended up drilling holes on the truck to put the tow bar on. It took about 1 1/2 hours to accomplish the task and we were up and running once again. A quick stop at Arby's for dinner and we left Pueblo around 8 pm and drove 4 hours to Burlington, Colorado, which is 12 miles from the Kansas border. We stayed in this DIVE of a hotel, which supposedly had a Continental breakfast, yeah right! Their idea of a breakfast was raw eggs and toast, but beggars can't be choosers, we found a McDonald's soon after and were on the road through the flat state of Kansas.