Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aunt D and Bikes

Tyson learned to say "Aunt D" for my sister's name Danielle, while we were home over the break. But he now loves to say "Aunt D" when ever we get on the phone. He thinks that the only person who calls us is "Aunt D". So when we give him the phone to talk and it isn't her, he wrinkles up his nose and hands us back the phone. It is quite comical. Danielle bought me some kick around shorts and hair bands and whenever I wear them Tyson always has to tell me that they are from "Aunt D" as well. What a kid.

Tyson is also on a bike kick. He had so much fun at home riding the 4 wheeler that now he is totally fascinated with any kind of bike. When we walk around the dorms at the medical school, he can see the line of scooters and screams "BIKE, BIKE". So I was bound and determined to get him a bike, but my good friend Laura took care of that. Peyton had a little three wheeler bike that he didn't use anymore and Laura gave it to Tyson yesterday. He loves it. (Thanks Laura you are the best). He has scooted that thing around the apartment and back again, one thousand times, (although our apartment is only 12 by 14) LOL
I know that for Christmas we are going to have to get him a big wheel or some kind of bike, because he loves them. Someone told me today that he is going to be my BMX racer and they are probably right. He'll be ten and already have won several races and have 2 broken arms. WHO HOO look what I get to enjoy. I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

What a Damn cute picture of my lil'buddy. I sure do miss the "Aunt D! Aunt D!!". Its hard not to cry seeing this pic of Ty and I. Miss and Love you Buddy!!
Can't believe that you have been there for a year . . . how time passes by. Hope all is going well for you and Vaughn. I love you all so much. Talk to you soon!!
-All my Love: Aunt D