Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pelican Key Beach

I loved this beach and I think Tyson did as well. The picture above is of this floating barge out a ways from the shoreline. We swam out to it and let the boys jump off of it. Tyson thought that this was the coolest thing of the day. Since his new found love for jumping in the pool still amazes me, he decided to yet again be Mr. Dare Devil and jump off of the barge into the ocean. He jumped and jumped until the salt water was too much for his eyes and we made the long swim back to the shore. Thank heaven for floaters!! There is no way on this earth that I could have swam holding Tyson all the way back. Luckily he had on his floaters and I would push him along. I used to think I was a pretty good swimmer with some stamina for swimming, boy was I wrong. By the time we got back to the shore I was so tired, I was ready for a nap.
This beach is located behind the Sunterra resort and has such a beautiful view.Peyton and Tyson taking a much needed juice break.The "little fish." He loves to swim by himself.

Laura and I posed with the little boys for a cute picture under the canopy.

All the ladies that went with us: Jill and Holden, Megan, Hillary and Aubrey, Ashley, Reece and Carter and Gavin. Other gals that went were Lisa, and Kara. It was a great day today!!


Cluff Family said...

Okay, way cute Nicole....but next time check with me before posting "fat pictures" least I could have sucked in my gut and flexed my guns...or just turned and hid behind Holdyn...HA HA!

Jackson's in Paradise said...

JIll you make me laugh. HA HA. I thought it was a wonderful picture.