Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MY Year Mark!!

This is Tyson and I at the butterfly farm a few weeks after we had moved to the island. Look how little he was. My baby is all grown up now.

I know the headline sounds like I have been on a mission, but technically I have, or at least it feels like it.
One year ago today Tyson and I made the all day trip here to St. Maarten with my In-Laws. I remember it was long and tiring, and when we got off the plane here on the island I thought I had stepped into hell, not because of the island itself, but it was so HOT!!! I never thought I would get used to the heat and some days I pray for snow here, but I have grown accustomed to this kind of weather. I can wear my flip flops and short sleeves all year round, not bad!!

This adventure down here has just flown by and in 7 short months we will be back home again. WOW! I just cannot believe it has gone by so fast. In this short time we have experienced some cool and not so cool things. Tyson is not a baby anymore he is a little boy and I have learned that you can kill a cockroach with hairspray when the RAID runs out!!! (good thing to know since who knows where we will end up next)


Cluff Family said...

I'm sure it has been quite the year...the 5 months I've been here some pretty random things have out for those cockroaches in your hairdrier and don't forget the safety strap when you are packing the stroller fully loaded with child up your 3 flights of stairs..LOL! You are great!! Tyson is soo little in that picture and I recognize that whinnie the Pooh stroller.....we put a lot of miles on that thing!!!