Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And The Rains Came Tumbling Down

This time of year is pretty much a raining season with the hurricane season and all starting up June 1st. It is more than likely to rain about every day here, but the rain isn't like home. Back home, if we are blessed to have any rain, it is like water coming from a shower and it lasts for an hour or so. But here it is quite a different story. For example: check out the pictures above. The one on the left is a rain storm across the lagoon, and the one on the right is the same storm headed toward my apartment complex about 30 seconds later. The storms move around here, like a track runner. If you see dark clouds, better have an umbrella or you are going to look like you just got out of the pool. And they don't last all that long either. 10-15 minutes tops. But in that short amount of time, the roads are flooded and the water runs down my roof in buckets. The rain drops are the size of half dollars and they come down in a torrent. I love the rain storms here. Just to see that much rain fall from the heavens is amazing to me, being that in Circleville rain is one of those mythical things you hear about. LOL!