Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It Was Cold Weather and We Liked It!

Here he is, pushing his Fisher Price Bubble Lawn Mower. He wore that thing out. Notice the jacket, long pants and beanie? Ya, the weather was wonderful back home, unlike the island.
Since it is so blooming HOT here, Tyson and I have been sweating up a storm. We even open the door and "WHOOSH," we are smacked in the face with the humidity. A far cry from the nice 60 degree weather of Circleville. It is the HOT season here and so we will spend more time at the beach and pools to cool our heated bodies.
Here is a cute picture of the little tyke and myself. This is taken at the Circleville Elementary School playground. He loved to sit on the dinosaurs and play. The layers of clothing look warm to those of us here on the island, but at home, they felt good.
There wasn't a day that we didn't walk across the lawn from our house to the playground. If Tyson couldn't get me to go then he went to Grandpa Westwood, who is a big pushover, to take him. They would go for about an hour and dad would come back wheezing from running around with Tyson. Notice on the far left of the picture the shaggy dog, that is Shep, the family dog who ate quite well when we were home because Tyson found the dog food and fed him a little too regularly. Let's just say Shep is a few pounds heavier and now waits to be fed every hour. Sorry about that mom and dad. LOL


Cluff Family said...

Seriously Tyson has to be one of the most adorable little boys ever! He should be a model for toddler clothes! LOVE IT! See you sooon!