Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isn't He Cute?

Tyson has been quite a funny kid lately. He got this hat from Grandpa and Grandma Westwood and he has to wear it every time we go out the door. He runs to where it is hanging up and says, "HHath." And if you don't get it, he jumps around until he gets his way. Spoiled rotten...LOL

He has also had quite a fetish with his mom and dad's shoes. He loves to put them on and parade around the apartment, or he will bring them to us and put them on our feet.
Another funny thing is his love for his pajama's at night. Before going home this last time, he always slept in a diaper with a onesie. Now, that we have actual pajamas, we have and I mean have to wear them at night. He loves the NEMO ones the best. Those are the ones you see him sporting in the picture above. He is just growing up into a little boy. CUTE KID!!!!