Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tyson's First Theather Movie

Yep! We actually sat through, almost, an entire movie. Laura, Ashley, myself and the crew of boys went to the matinee of "Shrek Three". It was hysterical. The theater here on the island, has got to be one of the nicest theaters I have ever been to. It surpasses anything they have where I am from. The seats are HUGE and they lean back. AHH!!!!! Plus they have booster seats for the little 'uns to sit on so they can watch the movie like the BIG kids.

It was a bit hectic getting settled in, but once we bought the popcorn and small drinks, Tyson was in heaven. He sat there very still and watched the movie. There were a few moments where he almost made a break for it and ran down the isle stairs, but mom persuaded him to stay with her secret weapon, CANDY. (I don't like him to have a lot of candy but to make him sit there, it was worth it) It was such a good experience that I cannot wait to take him to another matinee, provided it is a cartoon that is fast paced and with big characters.