Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dawn Beach

The three sand castle diggers. As you may have noticed, we are back to the "Beach a Week" gig here on the island. I love Saturdays. I look forward to going to a new beach and hanging out with the gals.
Tyson loves to play in the sand and so does Gavin and Reece. They were all just having a good ol' time, until I came up and started snapping pictures, then they wanted me to leave.
This was a really pretty beach with gorgeous beach front villas. I, as did the other ladies, picked out the villa I would like to purchase someday, when this whole adventure is over. It is one of these villas on the beach in white, or the nice one on the hill. Ah heck! I'd just be happy with a little bungalow by the ocean anywhere, even if it was made of palm tree leaves. That's just the redneck in me. LOL

This is my hazy shot of the look out villas at Dawn Beach. How I got the hazy shot I have no idea, but it looks mysterious......

Here we have Tyson with the back ground of the very nice beach villas. Look how pretty they are. Oh, and the kid is pretty cute too!!! Obviously he wasn't too thrilled for me to take this picture of him. Just look at the face he gives the camera.

Just one last photo of this beautiful beach and the houses and greenery.