Monday, May 7, 2007

Fishing Fun

"It wasn't the beach, but it was still water and he wanted to go in."

Tyson was excited to get into Grandpa Westwood's boat and go fishing, but he wasn't happy that he couldn't swim. He about went over the side to test the chilly waters of the Otter Creek, but one of ten hands grabbed him back into the boat. Notice that Grandpa Westwood is filling him up with some cold Mountain Dew. He slept great that night! LOL

He got excited when dad caught a fish and carried it around the boat in a bag. He also decided to tree his mother with the slimy thing. I would much rather hunt and gut a deer, than catch a fish and hold the grimy thing. "YUCKY". Tyson was a BIG tease and liked to keep putting the caught fish in my face. Little stinker.

Here he is driving the boat. He thought he was "BIG TIME" since he could get behind the wheel and drive.
Mama, Aunt D and Tyson ready to catch some fish.