Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came To Town

Christmas came and so did Santa Clause. The kids didn't wake up till about 8ish and Vaughn was actually able to come home early, so we waited on him to get home and then let the kids come downstairs to see what they got. Tyson was thrilled to get roller blades and a Thundercat sword.

Taryn wanted a Pop The Pig game and a Lalaloopsy doll that has moveable hair. They were both tickled to play with their new toys. We then had a big pancake breakfast and then it was off to church. It was just sacrament meeting with the two wards and I was under the impression that it was only going to last an hour, but much to my surprise and many others, it was almost 2 hours long. WOW! My kids were going crazy with anticipation to open up their other presents.

A quick family photo before we opened gifts. Left to Right: Tyson, Trey, Sophie (the dog) Papa, Taryn, Grandma Jackson, Vaughn and myself.

The Jackson's.

The other half of the Jackson's.

This is my new black dress from my in laws. I loved it!
And then it began...the kids torn into their gifts.

Tyson has been asking for some camo so that he can go hunting with his dad, and he got it. Look out deer, here we come.

The kids didn't care what gifts they opened, they just opened gifts. Taryn was opening gifts that didn't even belong to her. HA HA. The excitement of ripping paper was just too much for them. She was grabbing them from under the tree and then opening them before we could stop her. What a child. She finally was stopped and was a little put out that we made her only open her gifts.

Here she is again, helping Tyson open up a gift. At least she was getting into the spirit of it all.

Tyson got a tractor from Papa. This makes two for the collection. Some day we may have them all.

Taryn got a Princess scooter and she was tickled pink; we love pink. She couldn't wait to try it out.

Grandma T gave Tyson a telescope. I used to have one when I was young and I loved it. Tyson always asks about the stars and now he gets to see them up close.

The Princess robe was a hit!

The sleigh dumped at our house. Thank you to all our family for the wonderful gifts. We were spoiled this year. Thank you, Thank you!

After the presents were opened and while they were being played with, we fixed a delicious dinner. My good friends the Laney's and her mom and dad sent me a complete Christmas dinner. (Thanks Laura) We had Honeybaked ham, green beans casserole, sweet potatoes and cheese cake. We added some rolls and Voila, a wonderful meal. Once the meal was consumed, the kids were begging to go outside and try out their scooter and blades. We just had to show Taryn how to ride the scooter one time and she took off. She loved it and hated it when we had to leave.

Tyson, on the other hand, needed some help to get started.

After a few falls and some encouragement, he finally got the hang of it. He is able to sort of skate on his own. Give him a few more tries and he will have it all figured out.

The kids had a ball and when it was time to leave they didn't want to go, but we were all frozen. Such a great day. I loved it all. A very memorable Christmas.