Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chilly Time In Dollywood

Yes we are the idiots who go to the amusement park when the lines are low and the weather is FREEZING!!! Vaughn got free tickets to Dollywood for this past weekend and since we have never gone, we went, freezing cold temps and all. We invited our friends Adrian and Melody and their two kids to come brave this crazy ride with us.

Our kids have never been to an amusement park. It was an over load right from the start. We rode the 3D Polar Express ride first and then Vaughn lost his glasses, the ones he needs to work and read. So we all ate lunch as he looked for them and then we went to the county fair part of the park where it has lots of rides for the little kids. The Ferris Wheel was our first stop. Taryn loved it and so did Tyson.

Our faces were frozen in these smile, but we really were having a great time!

Next it was time for the adults to take a spin on a ride. Here are Vaughn and Adrian getting braced for this whirl around ride. This ride went up and down and then spun you in all directions.

Melody coaxed me to get on with her and the boys. Tyson was bracing for the ride to start. Xander was less than happy to be on the ride. He wanted off, but there was no way he could get off, we were strapped in.

I laughed the whole ride, trying to convince my stomach not to hurl. Whirl rides make me so sick, but I love to go on them. Tyson loved the ride and wanted to go again. Xander finally liked it when it was over and Melody had a ball. Next it was off to the spinning Tea Cups. YEAH, my stomach was hating me! After that, I was glad not to get on another spinning around ride for a minute.

There was a flying bee ride that all four kids could get on. They had a ball.

All smiles, even though we were chilled to the bone.

The kids patiently waited for some hot chocolate. They had so much fun amid the cold temperatures. We were able to watch an ice skating show, which I thought was pretty cool. We tried to catch one more ride before going home, but it was too cold and they had to shut down the rides.

They have a sanctuary for Bald Eagles that have been hurt in the wild. It was awesome to see them up close. Some they will release back into the wild, but some are not able to survive on their own, so the park takes care of them. These majestic birds are lovely. I loved showing the kids all about them.

Such a cute picture of all the kids. It was such a great time. We will go back again, when it is a bit warmer. On a side note, Vaughn did find his glasses. Some good Samaritan turned them in. It was a blessing in disguise. So glad that we don't have to pay for new glasses.