Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pellissippi Ward Christmas Party

Ah...the annual ward Christmas party is always fun. I asked Melinda to come with us this year to enjoy the festivities. Here is Brother Rankin telling the kids a story about how the candy cane came about. Surprisingly they all sat and listen. If you look towards the front of the kids Tyson is staring and Taryn is smiling at the camera.

The primary kids ready to sing for everyone.

Taryn knows all the primary songs so when they called for the Primary kids to come up and sing she ran right up. She hasn't graduated to Primary yet but in two weeks that will all change. She almost yanked up her shirt to her belly, luckily we avoided that scene. I was sitting there cringing about it though.

Next came my performance with a bunch of ladies I work with in the primary. Stormi came up with this cool idea to do the song "Santa Baby" and have us do the upside down singing thing. She made all the Santa outfits. We just had to be crazy enough to perform this nutty act.

It didn't take long for all the kids to come up and try pulling off the dresses from our faces and tell us "Hi mom." HA HA HA. I just kept singing and laughing.

I am the one on the end.

There I am singing away.

Then the biggest surprise of them all, SANTA came. Taryn was so excited to see him, but when it came time to stand next to him, she was a little timid. The meal was great and seeing everyone and their families is always a good time. They had some games for the kids in the classrooms. My kids especially liked the presents race. They stood in lines and raced presents from one end of the room to another. Another great party; now we have one more week and Christmas is here.