Friday, December 30, 2011

The Makings of a Derby Car

Our very first Scouts Pinewood Derby Car race is coming up on Jan 28th. Vaughn had a few days off and so it was time to make a car, or in this case, a tank! Tyson was intrigued with his Uncle Brett's car that was actually a tank, and it won when Brett raced it. This convinced Tyson that he was making a tank instead of a car. Tyson and Vaughn spent the better part of one of our warmer afternoons outside cutting and sanding this block of wood. We don't own the fancy jig saws, just a plain little hand saw and a knife to cut out the tank. Love our ingenuity. Once the pieces were cut and sanded well, it was time to paint. Tyson wanted the American Flag painted on top of his gunner. Anything to add some flair!

Once painted, we began the gluing process. We are half way done with the tank. More updates to follow as we travel this journey to the Pinewood Derby.