Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Activities/Lumberjack Feud

Once Christmas was over we still had a lot of playing around to do. We took the family down to Pigeon Forge to find some fun and games. The boys had their eyes on the slick tracks after they saw about 5 different ones. Then it was just finding the right one to go to. Now the weather up till this point had been beautiful and fairly warm, but not this day. IT WAS COLD! And riding in those cars in the cold, didn't actually appeal to me, so Sue and I watched the boys and Taryn ride. Tyson loved every minute of it, Taryn...not-so-much.

Taryn rode with Papa and she was none too happy to be in the car, going fast around the track. She was mad, to say the least. Every time they came around the track she was either crying or had this look of disgust on her face. It was funny to us, not to her, but to us!

Uncle Trey was in the lead the whole time.

Tyson and dad, the race car boys.

It turned into the demolition derby at the end. If you look at the left side of the picture you can see Taryn's little body slunk down in the seat. She was hating it!

Tyson's reaction is one of pure excitement. He wanted to go again, Taryn did not. So the boys went again and I took Taryn to the car to warm up and to let her have a good cry. Sometimes you just have to cry and then all is right with the world.

After fun at the slick tracks and some grub at McDonald's, is there anywhere else, then we went to the Lumberjack show to "Get Our Plaid On!"

Here is the stage that we would look at for the next 2 hours. There were two sides to sit on: the McGraw side, which was the side we were on, or the Dawsons' side. These were the feuding families in the show. Right as we sat down, one of the actresses on our side walked up to where Vaughn and I were sitting and introduced herself to Vaughn. (I thought she was hitting on my sweetie and was about to show her that we Circleville girls don't take kindly to strangers moving in on our territory) Then we found out why she was being so friendly; she wanted Vaughn to participate in the "logging games" for the McGraw side. This was going to be good.

We watched each side participate in logger games such as: cutting logs with chain saws, axes, standing on trees and cutting trees, water games and races of all kinds. We won the first 3 games and then the Dawsons won a few.

It came time for Vaughn to show his stuff. They had him and another guy harnessed up to the tall trees in order for them to climb up them while the lumberjacks pulled on a rope. Vaughn had spikes clipped onto his shoes to stick into the tree as he climbed and was told to take his harness and throw it up the tree and climb up to the yellow stripe 3/4 of the way up. Come to find out, Vaughn was racing against a marine. (I figured we were beat) Vaughn later comments that I had no faith in him which isn't true, I had lots of faith he could do it, but I figured the Marine was going to just sickle up the tree.

Showing Vaughn what to do.

Up the tree he goes. I was impressed with Vaughn's speed. No wonder he was called "The Jet" in high school. He still has it. He threw his harness up over the yellow line just before the marine did and won!!! I was yelling as loud as I could the whole time. Everyone knew who his wife was, because of all the noise I was making.

Lots of congratulations all around for the McGraw side. Vaughn won our side another event and clinched the winning trophy for his efforts. The McGraws beat the Dawsons. Tyson loved the fact that we won and that his dad won as well. It was an awesome show and such a fun night.