Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Four other moms and myself have taken it upon ourselves to have a little twice a week preschool for our children who need a little more than just being little. We started this preschool back in September and it has been wonderful for Taryn. Each mom takes turns teaching and being a teacher's helper. We have a letter of the week, work on writing their names, crafts, songs and memorizing. This month was my month to teach and I have had a ball. I miss teaching anyway, so to be able to come up with fun ideas to introduce letters has been a blessing to my un-used brain. I am missing two kids from the picture below. This was taken on Tuesday at our Christmas party. Left to Right: Lauren, Madison, Taryn and Aaron. Taryn really enjoys going to preschool and learning and playing with other kids. It has been good for both of us, because when I am not teaching or helping, I have 2 uninterrupted hours to do something for me. (which doesn't always happen, but hey).


Lately my little princess has taken on a whole new language. It is SASSY! (and not the cute kind, well...I guess it is a little cute).

Her new phrase is "Awe Come On". This is used whenever she is told that she cannot do something right now, or have something. Her response is "Awe Come On". She says it in such a cute way that it will leave us in a fit of giggles. Which, in turn, makes it extremely hard to tell her "no". Thank goodness I know how to stick to my guns.

Her second saying is "The deal is off". Vaughn was talking to her a few weeks ago while she was all dresses up in her darling little princess outfits. Right in the middle of his sentence she looks him straight in the eyes, puts her hand up like she is a police officer saying "stop" and tells her dad "The deal is off". I lost it! I laughed so hard I cried. It is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen her do. She is constantly keeping us in stitches.