Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Kabonics Visit

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Our best buds "The Kabonics" came to Tennessee to visit us for a fast, fun filled weekend. We all have been best buds for over a decade, OUCH! That makes us all OLD, but we still act young. Just a quick break down of how we all know each other is:
Wendy and I danced together at Dixie College back in 1996 and stayed friends since. I knew Paul AKA "Skinny", that summer while working in Kanab, Utah and have been buds since.
Vaughn and Paul went to high school together in Kanab, Utah and have been best buds ever since. And when Paul and Wendy got married, needless to say it was a wonderful union and our friendships have grown. They came to the Caribbean when we were there 2 1/2 years ago and now they have come to Knoxville to see us again. I love it!
The Boys! Paul and Vaughn, before their trip to the UT football game.

Our families are also very similar. We both have one boy and one girl and the kids are about 1-2 years in age difference, but they get along with out fighting and have so much fun together. Tyson and Cooper were pretty much inseparable.
Taryn loved having Avery come and visit. It was like having a BIG sister in the house and she got to do GIRL things, not just boy things.
The four munchkins were a ball to take around Knoxville. The only sad part of their whole time with us, was that Vaughn had to work most of the time. Oh well, he did get to spend Sat and Sun with us all. So I played tour guide, with my limited abilities, but we did get them around to some of the high lights of Knoxville.
I had to take them down the "Volunteer Walkway." They got to see the Kudzu, the boats all decorated for the big game, Volunteer Landing and the stadium. Hanging out together is so normal, it isn't awkward or difficult to have a great time, even if we are just walking outside. I think it is awesome that we all get along so well.