Sunday, November 7, 2010

The UT vs Alabama Game with the Kabonics

Every game, this BIG rock on the UT campus is decorated to match the event. It makes for a cool picture. We were fortunate enough to have some girls take our picture in front of it.

The cute Kabonic girls. We waited at this statue for about 1 hour while the boys looked for a parking place. We had fun watching the "Vol" fans walk about and strut their orange and white.We had Avery take this photo of Wendy and I. We were hoping for more of a head shot than a chest shot, but hey.....we take what we can get. Always makes for a good conversational piece.
Then there was this guy. All of the sudden, like he was dropped from the sky, this preacher man whipped out his bible and just starts preaching hellfire and brimstone right there in front of everyone at the Vols game. He told us, in a lot more words than what I am going to tell you, that we were all sinners for going to the game and would rot in hell. Ya, uh huh! Okay. Well I am still here and not rotting in hell, so....................... Let's go on.....
The walk of the VOLS was about to begin and so people were lining the street to watch the parade.
The K-town kids.
The Jackson Crew.
The boys, mixed in the sea of orange.
Cute gals enjoying the festivities.
Here they come......
The UT band played a few pump up songs to get the crowd geared up for the BIG game.
Look at these two boys. They are so cute. Tyson is a ham...
The kids climbing up the painted rock.

Paul and Vaughn went to the game while Wendy, the kids and I stayed to watch the UT Football players come and walk down to the stadium. The hype was well worth the wait. Lots of yelling and a mass of orange and white. Good times. I am glad we got to experience it.