Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

We want candy! It is another day of Trunk or Treat.

Time to put on the costumes again for the Pellissippi Ward Trunk or Treat. This time we got to decorate our trunk with Halloween decor. The kids were excited to wear their costumes again and I was smarter about Tyson's makeup this time. We used paint for his eyebrows and they worked out tons better than before.(Tyson took the picture) Vaughn dressed up as a cowboy and I was a witch. I love dressing up for Halloween. It's the Halloween parade.
The vampire was unhappy with mom. I was taking too many pictures and he didn't want to show me his vampire teeth. At least the Pumpkin Princess was smiley.

There were a lot of families there with their trunks decorated. I like trunk or treating verses the door to door trick or treating, at least here. I mean, if we were in a place like Circleville or Manassa, which are small towns and you know everyone, we could go door to door trick or treating, but here I just don't dare. Too many crazy people in a big city.
Mr. Marlow is so nice. He had a little girl about Taryn's age and he is always saying hello to us. Taryn learned how to say "Trick or Treat." It was cute to hear her say it to each car.
Iris Marlow and Taryn. They were both pumpkins. Taryn thought it was cool that someone else was a pumpkin like her.
Taryn, Olivia Allred, Tyson and Olivia Olmstead. These girls love Tyson and are his good buddies. The church trunk or treat was a success. They even had some games before the candy began to flow. Thanks to my good buddy Holly Ritter, it was a ball. Thanks Holly for all your work!


Daisie said...

The kids look GREAT!! Love Tyson's makeup! Also love the picture he took of you guys and little Taryn peeking in the corner of it! Looks like you had a great Halloween!