Friday, November 26, 2010

Do You Shop BLACK FRIDAY? I do.......

Oh yes, I braved the crowds at Target this morning at 3 AM and waited outside in the rain and somewhat cold weather for that blessed hour of 4 AM to come and open the doors to savings. OKAY, so it wasn't that cool, but I did get some great deals on the things I wanted and I was pretty much up towards the middle of the line, so when I got into Target there were still carts and the people weren't that crazy.
I about didn't go anywhere this year, because most of the things I have wanted I have procured during the past few months during different sales. But my little princess, Taryn, recently saw a Disney Princess Kitchen on TV and has decided that was what she wanted for Christmas. I about died because they have been priced anywhere from 60-100 dollars. HOLY COW! That is a little steep for me to buy something that expensive for a 2 year old. So, I have searched all the stores' adds for this little prize but to no avail, until yesterday before Thanksgiving dinner. I looked at Target's add and there it was, the prized kitchen for 40 dollars. I knew, right then and there, I was getting up early to brave the craziness of it all to get her that kitchen.
So when I pulled up to Target at 3 AM I thought I would be in good standings for the line. JEEZ! I was SO wrong. Luckily I beat the rush of people and ran to a spot and wasn't about to be pushed out of it. When I did finally get into the store I figured I would be out of luck and all of the kitchens would be gone. Lucky for me, I got to the section of the store where they were located and sure enough, 2 left. Target workers were handing out the merchandise from behind a little rope thing, (like that was going to save them from the throng of crazy shoppers). Another lady and I both asked them for the kitchens and luckily there were 2 left, one for me and one for her; otherwise I was going to have to show her how we WESTERN girls do things!!! HA HA HA. Actually I probably would have grabbed it and ran as fast as I could to a check out line before she knew what happened, but luck was on my side and I didn't have to show off my sprinting skills, which are not as good as they once were!
Now the coveted item it safely put away awaiting Christmas day and the excitement of my little one's face when she sees what Santa brought her. I LOVE BEING A PARENT!!!!
(on a side note, I also got board games for 2 dollars a piece and some great door buster items. I just love the rush of the sale)


Holly said...

Okay next year you need to hook up with Brittany and Megan S. They do this crazy shopping in the middle of the night too! I am sure they would love for you to go next year!