Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey, Rolls and Randomness

Tyson's very own turkey. He had another project at school to make this turkey and decorate it any way he wanted to. He wanted to color it all first and then finish it up by using puff paint, and feathers. This project was completed all by him. I merely watched and gave support. I am so proud of him. Good job buddy!

HA! I finally have mastered the making of rolls. Now before all of this I have tried countless times to make rolls with much failure. They were either not fully baked, very very heavy or dry. Either way they were not good. But I kept trying. Well.....the other night at RS meeting the bishop taught us all how to make Lion House Rolls. OH SO EASY!! I love this recipe. It is made just for those like me who suck with yeast. I came home and baked my rolls, with the dough he gave us and they were good. So the next day I tried to duplicate the rolls again and guess what, I DID IT!! I really did it. I was able to make light and fluffy, yummy rolls. I am now off of the failure list of making rolls. Check that off the list.
Don't they look yummy?

Vaughn is such a sweet daddy. Taryn loves to be with him. He went to go and change the oil in the truck and she wanted to go with him. She loves him and gives him tons and tons of hugs. TOO CUTE!


Holly said...

I want one of those rolls!