Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

What is this crap on the ground? I thought I left it all back in Michigan, but it found me!!! I couldn't believe it when we woke up to snow the other day. Okay, so this isn't complete snow, it is just a skiff, but enough to freak people out around here. People were CRAZY drivers. I was scared just to drive among them. Not for the fact that I have to drive on the little bitty skiff of snow, but for the fact that all the Knoxville drivers had no clue how to drive on it. I watched several cars spin out and skid off of the road. YIKES!! Thank goodness for us, the snow melted by noon and all was well with the world. Tyson was thrilled at the snow and so ready to get his sled out and go sledding. HA HA HA. I hated to burst his bubble, but I told him that it was going to take a lot of snow for that to happen.
We had our Ward Christmas party and Santa came. Tyson informed me, the second he walked in, that it wasn't the REAL Santa, because his beard wasn't right. He then wanted to know why someone was impersonating the real Santa. (this kid is too smart for his own good). So I had to explain that Santa has a lot of helpers this time of year, because he can't be every place at once.
So........last night I took the kids to the Cedar Bluff Library to see the REAL Santa. Here they are patiently waiting in line to see him. I was informed, again, by my son that this Santa was the real Santa. I implored why this one was real and the one the night before wasn't? This is what he said, "Two things mom. One, he has a real beard. And Two, I heard him ask another child what they wanted for Christmas. So that makes him the REAL one." Okay! Perfect logic!
I didn't think that Taryn would sit on his lap, and I spent most of the time standing in line coaxing her about telling Santa what she wanted. He was an excellent Santa. He told her how pretty her pink coat was and that did it. She was all about that white haired man. (side note: she loves to be told how pretty she is or how nice her clothes are, what a diva) Taryn even smiled for a picture with Santa. YES!
Tyson also told Santa what he wanted and made sure that Santa knew where he lived and that he had been a really good boy this year. I love this time of year and having kids makes it that much more fun. I can't wait until Christmas day when they see what "Santa" brought them.