Monday, July 16, 2007

The Westin Hotel and The 4 Hour Meal

This weekend was interesting to say the least. First off, Vaughn was able to spend a whole day with us, which is a precious thing nowadays. One of his classmates had a birthday and was celebrating it at The Westin Hotel. This is a brand new hotel to the island and is the nicest thing I have seen here. It looks like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but with more of the "Island" look and theme. Here are a few shots of just the pool area.

Isn't it gorgeous. This is the part of the island I like to be in..

We were able to go and spend the morning and afternoon basking in the sun by the luxurious pool area. I felt kind of like a celebrity, they even come and ask if you would like something to eat or drink by the pool area. WOW! When all is said and done with medical school, we are coming back to St. Maarten and staying at The Westin.

After the sun had scorched our skins, and yes we did get burned, we headed back home for a nap and lunch. Then Tyson was dropped off at the Cluff's and Vaughn and I headed back to The Westin for the birthday dinner at AURA. This restaurant was SOOOOOO NICE!! A little too fancy for my taste.

We sat at these gorgeous tables with way to much silverware and glassware for me to know what to do with. And we had this set menu. To shorten this story, because I could write a novel here, the dinner lasted 4 hours. And half way through it I had to walk out and call Jill and explain that we weren't coming for Tyson until midnight. ARG!!! Our appetizers where the most terrible thing I have ever tasted, but luckily the rest of the meal was good. It was one of those meals where they bring out this gigantic plate with not much on it and charge you your first born for the meal. No joke. We both about died and then we were hungry afterwards. I am used to going out and paying good money for a big meal and I want to walk away from the place so stuffed that I need a wheel chair to get out. YEAH didn't happen this time. Oh well! At least now we can say we have had one of those kind of meals and we don't have to do it again. Thank goodness Tyson was asleep and had been asleep since 9 for Jill. (Thanks Jill I owe you one.) An interesting weekend.......with more to come..........Here are more pictures from there:


Cluff Family said...

Very Cute Pictures!! I'm glad you had the expensive 4 hour dinner experience so we don't have to try it for ourselves LOL!!! We'll learn from your experience! However, that pool looks very inviting!!!