Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grandma Westwood is Here!

She really came! I never thought it was going to happen, but she really came. We went to Sunset about 2:45 yesterday, and watched as Grandma's plane came in.

I could hardly stand the anticipation for her to get her luggage and get through the doors of the airport, and Tyson was just as excited, because Grandma was bringing him treasures and he knew it. In fact, as soon as she got off the plane, he wanted to open up her suitcases and get out his toys he knew she was bringing him. It was so funny, he quickly hugged her and then went for the suitcase. Just like a kid! We took mom around to Vaughn's school and he took her on a tour, and she also got to see Tyson play at the Park there at the school. We then went out to Ric's for dinner and then to Maho to have ice cream and to watch the Maho Dancers. Tyson got a kick out of them!
Today, since mom was a little tired from the long plane ride from Utah, we decided to bag the beach and go to Merigot for some shopping at the famous French Lady's shop and then lunch at Sarafina's. Yummy! We also took a little tour of the French side of the island, around by Anse Marcel and then ended up at Fort Louis. Here is Grandma and Tyson up on top of the walls at Fort Louis. It was a great day.